Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ellie's 4th Birthday Party! - -Power Rangers style- -

Our little girl turned 4!!! (Insert bawling emoticon here)

It is just crazy to think that she is already 4. How did this happen!?
Ellie watched an episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at her other dad's house one time recently, and since then she has been obsessed with Power Rangers! It is the funniest thing. So we were shocked when she came to us and said that she wanted a Power Ranger birthday party. (We expected a princess party request) We were thrilled! ha So I bought some vintage Power Ranger stickers and banners from Ebay, and we blasted The Power Ranger theme song during the party, and I think it turned out pretty awesome. 

She was so spoiled with gifts by her extended families!

Her cousin Cody showed up sporting his red Power Ranger costume which made things a whooole lot more fun! --and those little fake muscles? I die.

Ellie received a Rapunzel dress, doll, and matching shoes from Ryan's Parents. Immediately, she stripped down out of her Power Ranger costume, and into this dress.
Hasn't taken it off since!

I saw this brilliant idea on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. A Punch Box!  Sort of like a Pinata replacement, because pinatas are hard for little kids to hit. Plus, this Punch Box went perfectly with the Power Ranger theme!
I made this box using this tutorial: Punch Box , and I put little prizes and toys inside of each circle. I made each kid do a Power Ranger move as he/she punched into the circle, and pulled out the surprise. It was a hit!    pun.

The Aftermath.

I didn't have time to make a cake for Ellie, so I made a trip to The Chocolate. I had them make their Kitty Katrina vanilla cake, but with pink frosting. Then I added sprinkles, candles, and Power Ranger figurines and called it good! Easy Peasy.
Singing to the Birthday girl!

Ryan wanted to make Ellie her very own rock climbing wall for her birthday. First of all, how cool is that?! What a great dad he is.. always going above and beyond ;)
 He spent a lot of time making this and installing it in her room. On her birthday, we wouldn't let her go in her room for a couple of hours until at the party, we gave her a present and said that it went with the surprise that was in her room. The gift was her very own rock climbing chalk bag. She raced upstairs and saw the climbing wall and loved it!!
She was so surprised.
I will soon do a DIY tutorial on my blog on how he made it!

Ellie's favorite thing to do is have us put her Rapunzel doll at the top and then she acts like Rapunzel is in trouble and says "OH! I need to save Rapunzel! She NEEDS me!!!" and she will climb up and get her. So much fun having that in her room!

Playing with her birthday presents:
putting her new princess chap stick on momma. *Notice her lips as she is putting it on me! haha I love her.

This girl really is something else! She is so spunky and sassy... which makes life that much more entertaining. :) We love you Ellie Mae! Happy Birthday to you!

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  1. how adorable is that rock wall!!! Love reading about your cute family!

  2. Your party looks amazing. I can't believe you had a rock wall!! Thanks for linking to my punch box tutorial!

  3. Such a great party!! And awesome parents! Great job [insert thumbs up emoticon here:)]!

  4. So Cole is obsessed (seriously) with power rangers. I remembered this post from awhile ago and may have to copy for his birthday. :)

    1. oh so cute!! well, I have that Happy Birthday banner still if you want it! Let me know :) xoxoxo

    2. I guess it doesn't say happy birthday on it... but if you want to have it, you're more than welcome to!

  5. Where did you get the banner above the punch box?