Monday, October 6, 2014

September Sayings

Our Ellie girl is one month away from being FIVE years old! She is beyond excited about her Birthday and mom is worried that she has too high of expectations ;) 
Ellie loves to play with friends and her cousin Cody, she loves making banana bread with mom, and going on Daddy-Daughter dates with daddy. She is a little rebel and sometimes has a hard time listening to mom and dad, but we try and come up with positive rewards like "The Treasure Box" that she gets to choose from if she had a good listening day.
She loves her new dance class and trying out new things! Ellie has an amazing ability to make anyone around her laugh, just by her quirky & funny self. We love her and can't imagine life without her!

Payson Lake fun

This dance stuff is serious, people!! ;)

yoga with mommy

sleeping with daddy

making her "treasure box"

playing dress-up with mommy's clothes! Little diva.

Love this toothless grin!

Ry shot this photo of us girls and I love how it turned out!

Here are some Ellie Quotes from the month of September:

"E.T. is like the cutest alien I have ever seen"

We were talking about what 'blessings' were. I said that she was a blessing to me. And she said, "I am not a blessing, I am a HUMAN!"

"I like daddy-daughter dates a little bit more than mommy-Ellie dates because Daddy is a little bit more fun than Mommy. "

Ellie and I downloaded the Netflix App on my phone and it downloaded really fast. Ellie said, "WOW, Netflix! You downloaded fast! You're a natural!"

Ellie saw in a magazine that there were matching mommy/daughter movie star Halloween costumes and said, "Pleeeeeaaase can we be these for Halloween??" and I said, "Well, what if I want to be something else for Halloween?" and she was frustrated and stormed off and said, "I'm signing you up!!" and she went and wrote with a marker over the picture- "mommy" and "Ellie" and came back to show me and said, "I signed you up!" and by this time, I was just messing with her as a good mommy does... and said "But what if I want to be something different?" and she just said with a sassy attitude, "UGH... you EXHAUST me." and walked off.   

I was cuddling in her bed at night time and I said to her, "My baby is growing up too fast!" and she wrapped her arm around my neck and patted my cheek with her other hand and said with closed eyes, "I know.... I know...."

 photo finalsiggy_zpsbdfd543d.png


  1. I don't know you but I love your inspiring blog and I loooooooove these monthly sayings that you post from your gorgeous and hilarious daughter, they are so so funny and such a joy to read!! you are such a lucky mama. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, she is the cutesttttttt. I especially love the photo of her dressing up. I remember doing the same thing for a long, long time afterwards ;) haha. That last photo is so good!