Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our Weekend in Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, Ryan's brother Conner got back from serving his LDS mission in Nicaragua! He lost 50 pounds on the mission, so he was like a new man when we saw him. It is so fun to have him home!! 

The Cope Clan

The next night, Ryan and I went up to the Utah Olympic park to watch the Psico Competition! I got him tickets for Father's Day, so we have been waiting to go to this for a while. 
The Psico comp consists of of 30 foot climbing wall that is placed over a pool of water. So you climb until you fall, or you climb to the top then you jump! Either way you are going in that water. It was so entertaining to watch! Professional climbers all over the world were there to compete. It was fun to see some of our heroes in the flesh!

 We got a picture with Christ Sharma before he competed! THE Chris Sharma.  So rad!

 Here is a picture that I took of Ashima Shiraishi... only 13 YEARS OLD!  She is amazing.

 Another one of our favorites- Sasha Digiulian

The next day, Ryan's family all went boating. Look at these cute twins!!! 
We have the cutest niece and nephew. ever.

 photo finalsiggy_zpsbdfd543d.png

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