Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our week in Pictures - Road trip to Wisconsin!

I am playing catch-up because we have had a busy summer and I haven't been so diligent with my blog! 
But in July, we took a road trip to Wisconsin for Ryan's mom's family reunion. Ryan, his brother Spencer, Ellie, And I decided to drive there (the rest of the family flew) so that we could make a few stop along the way. It was a blast! 
Our first stop was Yellowstone. One of my favorites places.

Then we drove through Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. 

Next stop was Tettegouche State Park in Minnesota. We read about a good climbing spot that was right over Lake Superior. It was BEAUTIFUL there! 

Spencer climbing over Lake Superior

Ellie did awesome on this trip and hung out with her dollies while we climbed

Me & my man

A little "good luck smooch" before Ry lowered me down. It was a new adventure being belayed down to a spot where I climbed up over the water!

Ryan climbing... WOW! (photo by Spencer Cope)

Then we arrived to Manitowish Waters in Wisconsin. We had an awesome house rental right on the lake! Here is my mother-in-law, Ellie, and Ryan's sister Noelle. Taking the pedal boat out was Ellie's favorite thing to do :)

We visited the old cabin that Karen (my mother-in-law) and her family grew up visiting during the summer times. It was awesome! No running water, no electricity, just the lake and some good company. I loved it!

Lots of fishing happened

The pro fisherman, Grandpa Marv taught everyone how to fish! Oh, how I love him!

Karen's amazing sister Susan, Ellie, & Noelle

Ellie caught sooo many fish on this trip! Maybe it was her new Barbie fishing pole that attracted all of those fish?? ;)

I had the opposite luck as Ellie... I hardly caught ANYTHING! haha But here is a pic of my little prized possession. That was the best I could do. Lol. 

Ry Guy caught tons as well! And kissed a few...

Some of the fishing crew

Spencer and the twins! Ahhh they are the cutest little things.

I mean.....seriously?!

Grandpa Marv and the twins. I love this picture

Cutest little fisherman

A photo of all the grandkids and great grandkids!

After we said our goodbyes to family and Wisconsin, we headed to Mt. Rushmore.  Here is Ellie having some fun with George. lol.

We read about some good climbing right near Mt. Rushmore, so we tried it out!
Here is Spencer killin' it on a route.

My turn!

We made our way to a new spot which was sawwwweeeet! It was this thin rock with a hole in it. Super sketchy to climb on. haha but it made for great pictures! 
(don't worry dad, we are always safe :)

Here is Ryan climbing it

Spencer at the top. Yikes!

and me :)

Last stop was The Devil's Tower in Wyoming. It was the most incredible site! In the middle of never-ending plains, was this volcano formation. We walked right up to it and discovered that people can actually rock climb to the top of it! We didn't have time to climb it this time, but it is now on our bucket list :)

That's a wrap of the SEVEN states that we drove through! Woot woot.
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  1. OK Michelle I LOVE this! and those twins?!...*sigh* I die! LOL and holy cow! was totally rollin over your fish! lol glad you all had such a great time!