Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July Sayings

July flew by!  
We have been so busy moving out of our house, that I haven't blogged in a while. #slacker.
But Ellie is a few months shy of turning 5 and is full of energy! She loves jumping on the tramp, playing in sprinklers, drawing with chalk on the sidewalks, riding her bike, playing house, making beds in the teepee on the front lawn, dancing, picking out her own outfits, and making fun projects.

Here are some Ellie quotes from July.

"Can I marry Daddy and borrow your ring?"

"Maybe I can do the dishes when I'm your age!"

"Ohhhh I want to go on a mission!!! Because it would be so so so so cool! I want to go there and have snacks and treats!"

Ellie snuck an Elsa and Ana sticker on my steering wheel and said, "I put that on there so that every time you drive, you will always know that Elsa and Ana are real!!"

Ryan and Ellie were peeling potatoes together and Ryan kept accidentally shaving the skins onto Ellie's arm. Ellie said, "Hheeyyy! Quit putting the potato wrappers on me!"

We went to get snow cones at a nearby shack and some of the employees were outside eating snow cones. Ellie exclaimed, "LOOK! The workers are eating snow cones too! I want to work here when I grow up!"

"This is an old yucky banana. Can I just squish it?"

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