Monday, June 30, 2014

My self journey through yoga

The past 4 weeks have been incredible. 

Doing the yoga teacher training at 3B Yoga has changed my life, indefinitely.  23 girls were brought together 6 days a week for a whole month, to learn more about ourselves. (plus learn a little yoga. ;) 
This last month was challenging and draining, and there were days that I just really didn't want to go. I was still working at my job every day from 7am-12:30pm, then I would go straight to yoga training from 1:00pm until 5pm, then on top of the training each day, we had to observe 8 classes during the month and practice yoga ourselves 6 days a week. Then I would go home to do homework and study and write papers, all while trying to fit in laundry and playing with Ellie for a few minutes before she went to bed. It was emotionally draining for me at times, and also physically draining- (my body was exhausted from so much yoga!) But I knew that this training was something that I wanted to accomplish, and something that I needed to accomplish for myself. In the end, the sacrifice was totally worth it. I just want everyone in the world to take this training!! :)

I will forever cherish the time that was spent in our yoga circle each day, and with the girls who I now call my family! I cherish the words and lessons that my guru, Amy taught me. She inspired me every day to be myself. I am truly grateful for the past month- I can't believe it is over. 
WAHOO for now being a certified yoga instructor! I can't wait for my self journey through yoga to continue for the rest of my life. 

Our very last assignment was to write our "yoga philosophy". What we think the definition of yoga is. I decided that I would share it with you.

My view of yoga has changed dramatically over the past 4 weeks. I always knew there was a deeper meaning and purpose to the practice, past the postures and the flexibility, but I didn’t fully understand what that deeper meaning was until I took this teacher training. A great love and appreciation for the practice has been a result, as well as a dose of humility, courage, internal strength, peace, and a quieter mind have begun to develop inside of me. “Yoga is not something that you do, it is something you become.” was a quote by Celia that grasped my attention. Yoga is a process.. a journey. Not a destination. There is always somewhere to go further with the mind, body, or the soul while practicing. I love that each practice is a new beginning. A new day. A new time to dive deeper into myself to conquer the vrittis in my mind. I can feel that yoga will help me attain and keep physical, mental, and spiritual happiness, and help me to love and respect myself in a way that I never understood. During these past 4 weeks, I feel that I have begun to cure that “disease of perfection”, that feeling of always having to be at a certain level in order to feel accomplishment. I truly can now say that when I practice, I have learned that it isn’t about being able to be good at a posture. It is about knowing where my body is at that specific time of life, and accepting that with humility.  “Practice and all is coming.” (Sri. K Pattabhi Jois)  
I have learned to enjoy the journey of becoming, and not focus on that desire for an end result. It is an incredible feeling to be able to turn inward, turn off the mind chatter, and feed my spirit through breath and gratitude towards simply being able to come to my mat.

I hope to share with my future students these impressions that I have felt during my training, and to ultimately give them the knowledge that they need in order to look inside themselves and find the true happiness that comes from the practice. I hope to teach others that yoga is much more than postures or flexibility. That there is a deeper meaning of why we come to our mats each day. The practice is for us individually. And in a class setting, we just happen to be a room full of spirits uniting breath together to feed ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. I hope to aspire others to step outside the mind, and dive deep into the soul to find that internal peace and love for themselves. To liberate themselves in ways that only they know. To detach themselves from any harsh thoughts and to let go of comparison during the practice, and ultimately in their daily lives. I hope to teach others all of these things, and many more that I learn along this journey, through my thoughts, words, and actions in my own daily life— not just in a class setting. I aspire to be someone who can lift and enlighten others to help them find their journey to their own self. I am grateful for this experience. An experience that has just begun growing in my heart, and I know will continue to grow throughout my life, helping me become me. 

Just attempting some fun stuff 

Marilyn, me & Sarah

My family circle

My guru, Amy  (photo by Molly)

So much love for these ladies!

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Studio series

I recently had some fun in the studio with Armand Sanchez
I loved how they turned out! It was really cool working with light and shadows. 

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Eat. Sleep. Yoga. Repeat.

I haven't been the best blogger this past month, but I have good reasons. I swear!

 I have been fully immersed in a month long yoga teacher training program through 3B Yoga!  This studio is basically my home for the month. I am there 6 days a week 1pm-5pm, with 6 yoga classes required per week on top of that. Then I come home and do homework, read, take tests, and try and stay on top of my laundry & housework, all with a sore body. Haha but I am loving every minute of it. I am learning more than I ever dreamed of learning during these 4 weeks. I have practiced yoga for years, but have always wanted to learn more about it because I knew that I was missing some knowledge that could help further my practice. The last two weeks have changed my practice completely. It has opened my eyes to the practice being so much more than poses or postures or trying to be as flexible as I can. Learning about how the breath is the most important part of yoga, and how if we let the breath lead our practice, we will be able to achieve so much more than we thought we could. Also, I am gaining a better understanding about how yoga can change your life emotionally, mentally, and spiritually... not just physically. That yoga is for everyone!

I am grateful for this opportunity to gain more knowledge on something that I am passionate about! I am grateful for my amazing husband for him not only allowing me to go through this program, but for him to pick up my slack around the house and with Ellie while I am at school. He is the best!  These last two weeks have been emotionally hard for me because I rarely see Ellie... I work in the mornings then go straight to yoga training, then straight to a yoga class, then come home to just be able to cuddle with her for a minute before she goes to bed.  But this is a sacrifice that I know I needed to take. Only two more weeks and I will look back on this experience and be so glad that I made those sacrifices in order to gain the experiences that I am gaining through this amazing program.

So.. until the end of June... this is where you can find me. :)

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Sayings

I never knew someone so little could hold so much personality! 
Ellie Mae has our hearts. She is 4 1/2 years old now... whhat?? Ellie LOVES to be outside, play with friends, make juice with momma, cuddle with daddy, go on "ventures", camp,  play with her dollies, show people her "big girl" booster seat, pick flowers for people, and of course she loves to play with her cousins. We are so lucky to have this cute girl in our lives! She continues to be the funniest little girl, with the biggest personality. Never change, Ellie Mae!

Here are some Ellie quotes from the month of May. 
She cracks me up on a daily basis!

"I won't toot on your computer.  I pinky Promise." 

Ryan was on a business trip and Ellie jumped in bed with me after she woke up in the morning and said, "I miss daddy's cuddles. He is the best cuddle guy."

We were camping and I had brought a loaf of bread up with us to make sandwiches. The next thing I knew, the loaf was all smashed. I blamed the dog and said, "Hansen! You smashed our bread!" And Ellie chimes in and said, "Oh... that was me. I stepped on it many many times."

We were driving in the car to go camping in southern Utah and after about an hour, Ellie said to us, "Um. We're going camping, not Disneyland....right?" hahahah She was just making sure, I guess...

We have to do LOTS and lots of chores before we die, right?

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