Sunday, May 4, 2014

Someone Graduated!!

The time has finally come for my amazing husband to GRADUATE!! (He graduated in December, but is now finally walking)

My babe is a rock star. He seriously does it ALL! Not only is he an incredible father, friend, husband, rock climber, cuddle buddy, shower singer, outdoors enthusiast, co-worker, and support system... he is also the hardest working person that I know-- All while having a balanced lifestyle. That is such a rare trait to have! One that I aspire to have. He knows how to have fun and work hard all at the right times. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful example and best friend in my life, who continues to support me in countless ways. 

Ryan graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing. 
He had so many incredible accomplishments this last year! 
Here are some just to name a few....

  • He was President of the UVU AMA club (American Marketing Association) which won Club of the Year                                                                                                             
  • He graduated in the Top 10% of his class                                                                       
  • He took 1st place in a National Marketing competition in New Orleans           
  • He won the award for Best Overall Marketing Student                                             
  • He won the Outstanding Student Award for the Department of Marketing     
  • Won 1st place for the Best Looking male in the Marketing Department

(Ok, if that last one was a real award, he would have won that too)

WOWZA!! I am so beyond proud of all of his hard work in school. 

Here he is accepting his "Outstanding Student Award" from the Dean of the Business School.

His graduation ceremony!!

What a good looking graduate.....
His name was in the program for one of the awards that he received!    (Ryan Cope)

With the Dean of the Business School

Supported by his two amazing parents! What great examples they are.

 Ellie is so proud of her Daddy!!!!

I love my family!    
-Ellie wanted to showcase Ryan's Magna Cum Laude medal for the picture.  haha

My amazing dad and sister-in-law Jana were able to come support Ryan! 
So grateful for them.

These two have my heart!

Now for the good stuff..... glamour shots.   bahahhaha I was DYING when we were taking these. Did I mention that another one my husband's many traits is that he is the most hilarious person I know?!?!

Ellie wanted to get in on this action and show the camera Ryan's graduation card. Lol.

I feel so blessed for such a hard working husband! I am thrilled to see what the future has in store for us..... maybe an International MBA school?...

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