Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Weekend in Pictures

Hey guys, It's been a while!
Over Memorial Day weekend, us and some friends headed down to San Rafael Swell in Utah to go climbing. I had never been down there so it was fun to experience a new & breathtaking place that is only a couple of hours away from where we live!

We made the not-so-kid-friendly, treacherous hike up to the towers that the guys wanted to climb. Ellie was a trooper, and so was Ryan for carrying her a lot of the way. ;) #bestdaddyaward

Ry-Guy making his way up to the first tower! This was his first experience crack climbing outdoors, and I think he got hooked on it.

Ellie insisted to wear her "super girl" outfit. (cape included)  
Here she is with her magnifying glass checking out some rocks. haha she kills me.

This is what most of our climbing trips look like. The spots usually consist of a not-so-great hang out spot for the belayers/kids/people hanging out. But we make do with what we have.  Check out that view!! Wowza, we live in a beautiful place.

Ryan and our friend Steven making their way up to the tower. So rad!

They made it! Now for the fun part... coming down.

After the first tower, we headed around the corner to another climbing spot.  Crack climbing is a whole new ball game. and Ryan has the cuts and scrapes on his arms to prove it. ;)   Here he is killing it! Woo

Ellie was seriously so great this whole trip! She loved exploring and being outside. Everywhere we went, we set up a little hang out spot for her with treats, books, etc. and she had fun "making up songs about rock climbing and being grateful for Jesus." (In her own words.) 
She totally passed out at one of her hang out spots and I had to snap a picture. She is such a cutie!!

We all headed to our 3rd spot, a tower called The Lightbulb.  
The guys climbed it successfully!

Ellie had a blast making her own "rock snowmen" (cairns) So cute.

These two....

After the Swell, we headed to The Wedge, which is like a mini Grand Canyon.
 We set up camp there for the night.

Little Diva Ellie

Rapunzel made several appearances on our trip. ;)

I love this picture of Ellie. She is the funniest, sweetest, spunkiest, craziest girl- We are so lucky that she is ours.

Until next time!!
Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.

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