Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ryan's Weekend in Pictures..

Ryan joined the Utah climbing club this year and they go on some pretty sweet adventures. A couple of weekends ago, they set out to climb Mt. Whitney in California! This is the tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 States. 
We were in Mexico a couple of weeks ago, and after 4 days of being there, Ryan left to go to California while Ellie and I stayed in Mexico with the Copes.  I still think he was crazy for wanting to leave sunny Mexico to go ice climb a mountain. ;)

A couple of Ryan's good friends are in the club, which is sweet! He had a blast. He came home sore, tired, dirty, and brought back a little accessory in his finger...... (you will know what I am talking about by the end of the post. Yikes! )

Ryan & Steve

At the top!!

On their way home, they stopped by Death Valley - which is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere!  So in 24 hours, these boys went from being at the tallest point in the contiguous 48 States, to the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. What a trip!

Now for story time.... When Ryan and Steve were hiking down from the top of Mt. Whitney, Ryan was hiking along with his trekking poles, when all of a sudden it just broke and shattered in his hand! Pieces of the trekking pole went through Ryan's fingers!!!! AHHHH!!!
Can you believe this picture??? When this happened, they were about 4 miles from the bottom. They tried to yank it out, but it wouldn't budge. So this manly man had to hike the 4 miles with this in his finger until they reached the bottom and found pliers to pull it out. EEEEKK!!! I was freaking out when he sent me this picture. 
Let's just say that the legal department of the trekking pole company is sending him some sweet gear to make up for it, as well as pay for his tetanus shot. ;)  
I am glad that he made it back safe and sound! 
 Atleast he brought back a saweeeet battle wound story ;)

(Pictures courtesy of Steve Stucki)

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