Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Sayings

March was a month that was filled with Ellie quotes! She is such a hilarious little girl with a BIG imagination. Seeing how much she has grown over the past couple of months just kills me. Where did my baby go?!?! Coming up on 4 1/2 years old. 

We randomly noticed that Ellie lost her first tooth and we asked her how it happened! She just shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know.... I was just eating lunch and it disappeared!!"

Ellie tried on the grass skirt that we got for her in Hawaii and she said, "I should show this to Cody (her cousin) and he will say 'hey girl. you look good.' "


At least 3 times a day, she grabs my face and nuzzles me into her face and says, "My precious Sweeeeetie"

"YOU'RE THE MEANEST ONE IN THE WHOLE HOUR!!!"     (notice the change from this quote and the last?   lol... oh the roller coasters. ;)

Ryan was gone hiking Mt. Timpanogos in the snow, and Ellie & I were looking up at the mountain from our house & talking about him being up there. Ellie turned to me and said, "I wish daddy would just use a ladder to climb it. A really really long ladder. Or next time he goes on the mountain, he could just take an airplane?"

While playing cards with her-- "Momma, can you please shovel the cards?"   (shuffle)

Ellie went to her cousin's baptism and came home and said, 
"That BATH-tizm was so cool!"

"Sloth" for Floss

"I'M TOTALLY GONNA FREAK OUT RIGHT NOW!"  (she says when she is excited about something)

"I pooped a family of poops!!  A baby poop, a momma poop, and a daddy poop!"

This one takes the cake in my opinion---
My sister-in-law was talking to Ellie and asking her if she knew what CTR meant. (Choose The Right)  and Ellie said "CHOOSE THE RIGHT!  ..... But.....sometimes.... my mommy chooses the Left."     ----bahahahha!! What does that even mean!?! I was in the room when she said it and I was dying. Sooo funny.

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