Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Not-So-Glamorous Weekend in Pictures

This blog has turned into a "weekend blog"... I post my "Weekend in Pictures" each week, and that is about the extent of my blogging as of late! But what can I say? We look forward to the weekends a LOT around our house.... Anyways, we try and do something fun each weekend whether that be traveling, camping, or anything outdoors try and keep our sanity from parenting stress and work stress that we accumulated over the week. 
This weekend, our camping plans fell through because of the rain, So we stayed home- which is a rare thing for us. Saturday turned into a cleaning, laundry, yoga kind-of-day. Ryan went climbing with his friend in the afternoon, so Ellie and I were getting stuff done around the house. Things took a turn for the worse, and I ended up spending a lot of the day dealing with time-outs, tantrums, and the dreaded Nap Time. I was starting to lose my patience really fast, and also any glimmer of feeling baby hungry.. that I hit a breaking point. So I locked myself in my room! hahah... I needed a second to clear my head, calm down, and scrounge for any memories of the"Love and Logic" book that I had previously read.

I was thinking in my head how I would be totally fine with having one child for the rest of my life, and thinking about how horrible of a parent I am, and how I don't know a dang thing about parenting my child, when a piece of paper started slowly sliding under my door. I noticed it, and then heard a little sweet voice behind the door say, 
"I made you a rainbow, Momma"

Oh man. The roller coasters of parenting!! 
One minute kids are throwing a tantrum, and the next, they are being so sweet and drawing rainbows for you. I really need to work on not getting so emotionally involved when things get crazy, because obviously things with kids can change in the blink of an eye! 

This little rainbow drawing now sits on my nightstand next to a picture of my beautiful mother, reminding me daily that 'Everything will be OK in a minute', if I am ever experiencing Hurricane Ellie.  It reminds me to breath, and to remember that I am constantly learning how to parent. That I am not perfect, nor should I expect to be the perfect parent. But that the main thing that I need to focus on is loving that girl no matter how she acts, and loving myself no matter how difficult parenting can get.  

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  1. Such a sweet, perfect story. So descriptive and right on! You're an amazing mother, keep up the good work!... Have you finished I Am Malala yet?