Friday, March 21, 2014

Hawaiian Anniversary! - Part 2 - Oahu

--Be sure to check out Part One of our trip - Kauai first--

We woke up in Kauai on Saturday March 8th- our 2 year Anniversary! After being in Kauai for 3 1/2 days, we took a quick plane over to the island of Oahu. We landed, got our rental car and started heading to the beach house that we rented. On our way there, we drove past the Dole Plantation without even realizing that we were close to it! So, naturally... we made a pit stop for some expensive, but satisfying Dole Whip cones. 

We had previously found on Home Away  a cute little beach cottage located in North Shore. It ended up being perfect! Here is the listing for the exact rental if anyone is interested. It is right close to the beach, and has beach bikes and snorkel gear there for you to borrow. We had a few people tell us to stay in North Shore because it is less touristy, and has more of a small surf town vibe, which we loved! 
Check out our cute abode for the weekend.

found this little guy hiding above the fridge!

We ended up getting to Oahu near dinner time, so we headed to LuiBueno's for our anniversary dinner. (the enchiladas were great.)  Afterwards, it was dark and because everything sort of shuts down in the North Shore around 8pm, we decided that we would find a laundromat to do our laundry! Killer anniversary night, eh? haha OH, the adventures. ;)
Here is a pic I snapped as we were waiting in our car for our laundry to get washed. So romantic. ha

The next morning, we headed around the corner to Ted's Bakery, which we had heard so many good things about. They have awesome pastries, breakfast sandwiches, lunch, and famous pies. If anyone goes there, you must try the chocolate Haupia pie! tasty.

Next, we went into the town of Haleiwa, which was about 15 minutes from our place. We walked along the beach and ran into this lil guy just loungin' on the beach.

Haleiwa is such a cute little town! Surfers everywhere, too many Volkswagon buses to count, food trucks everywhere you look, and cute little shops. In the morning about 10:30am, we went to the famous Matsumoto's for shaved ice. Shaved Ice for breakfast? Why not?   We got the kind with the beans and ice cream in the bottom. It was an interesting taste! I couldn't tell if I liked it or not.  (Later in our trip, we found a waaaay better shaved ice place. ) But we were glad to have beat the crowds... we drove by later in the day and the line was out the door and down the street! 

For lunch,  we went and ate at Giovanni's shrimp truck. It was so packed! Had good shrimp scampi,  but boy is food expensive in Hawaii. 

And what about this Volkswagon bus turned creperie?!?! I just about died when I saw it.

After Haleiwa, we went back to Waimea Beach. Before we came to Hawaii, we did some research on if there was any good bouldering in Oahu. We found that at Waimea beach, there was some sweet bouldering right on the sand! So we packed our climbing shoes. 
Here is Ry Guy workin it-

Then we met up with our friend's sister Lauren! She is living here and going to school. She gave us tons of good recommendations and even took us surfing. We just love her!

aahhhh the sunsets were gorgeous

Lauren told us that we HAD to try these acia berry bowls. We went to Sharks Cove Grill to try them out and I really liked them! Ryan didn't like them because they were too sweet.... Since when is something Too Sweet?? ;)  But it had frozen berries, granola, acia ice cream, bananas, and honey drizzled over the top. Yum! This is also a good place to stop for kabobs and sandwiches. 

aaannnd yet another food picture. ha we just ate our lives away in Hawaii! But we had so many good food recommendations from people, so naturally we had to try them all. :)
My amazing friend Lani told us to hit up the 711-out of all places- to try the Manapuas. So the next day, on our way down the coast, we grabbed some of these meat filled dough balls to hold us over until lunch. They are way yummy! 

We past the beautiful Hawaii LDS temple. aahhhh gorgeous

We made a little stop at Kailua beach to soak up some sun and snorkel around. It was so nice to just lay out!

Then we headed to Hanauma Bay to get the real snorkeling experience!

After just 2 minutes of snorkeling around at Hanauma Bay, we saw a turtle!!! Ryan was in heaven. It has been on his bucket list to swim with a sea turtle, so he was loving life!!

After we went snorkeling, we headed back towards our beach house.  We had dinner at North Shore Tacos which was sooo delicious!! Their fish tacos and sweet pork tacos were really good. And they also have a yummy dessert called Lilikoi mousse. mmm....

And because one dessert isn't enough, we then made a stop at Angel's because we heard that they had good snow cones. and WOW! They were amazing! We recommend getting the "Halo" with Melona flavor and blue hawaiian. Seriously sooooo yummy!! I was in snow cone heaven.

This is a picture I snapped as we were driving past the beach. It was just after it had rained, and the most perfect rainbow appeared! How does it get prettier than this?!?! 
Ryan and I had a blast in Hawaii! We are definitely going back someday.... hopefully sooner than later :)  Happy 2 years to us!

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  1. Oh man! I'm going to school at BYU-H! It would have been cool to have met you guys!

  2. Looks like a blast! Congrats on your anniversary. Have you heard of the blogger Grommom? She lives on the North Shore!

  3. All these are looking more and more delicious. Hawaiian restaurants