Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update on mommy stuff

Remember THIS POST a little while back about my fears of being a part time stay-at-home mom? I just re-read it and I sound like a crazy person. (mostly true) but I think it is funny how much I stress over the unknown. I stressed so much about how it was going to be as a stay-at-home mom, and always trying to get everything done while still doing the things that I want to do, AND be the best mom to Ellie.... before I even had a chance to experience it first.  I tend to do that a lot in my life lately where I stress so much about something, then once I do it, it is not like I envisioned it to be. So what is the use in stressing so much?!  
Being at home with Ellie more often is a roller-coaster.  One minute I will be playing with Ellie and wondering why I don't have 5 kids already because I am in heaven, and then the next minute I am dealing with a tantrum that convinces me that one child is plenty for us. OH the joys! 
I wouldn't change it for anything.

Most days I don't get any cleaning or cooking done, and some days I make a masterpiece dinner that I am proud of, and the home looks spotless. (When I say "some" days, I mean that has happened once. haha )  There are days when Ellie is in the best of moods, and some days that Ellie whines all day long. Some days I play school and house and dolls and puzzles with Ellie until we roll on the floor laughing, and some days I need to tell her to play by herself because I need to just sit and take deep breaths or finally take a shower for the day.

I am still working on nap times. OH, the dreaded nap time. SO hard to get this girl to nap,  so some days I find myself driving around aimlessly until she zonks in the car. Whatever works, right?  Motherhood is a constant learning process, and I am trying to take it one minute at a time. 

Ellie  instantly cheers me up, inspires me, and motivates me, and I am grateful for her sweet and spunky personality. She is growing up so fast and is at the age where I can have conversations with her and just hang out with her. She is our little buddy! 

With that being said, being a stay-at-home mom is the best. It is the best because it stretches my patience farther than anything else, while also strengthens my love for her. It is the best because it makes me a little less selfish, and helps me get my priorities straight. It is the best because even after a tornado-of-a-day, we end the night with kisses and cuddles and it makes everything worth it.

Thank you to all of the advice that you guys gave me! I truly appreciate it. 

Here is Ellie so excited for her first day of preschool! I just want to squeeze that cute face every time I see it.

Me trying to get a nap in. Definitely not going to happen with this ball of energy! haha But who needs sleep anyways?

Ryan added a bolt and chain to the top of Ellie's rock climbing wall, so that she can top rope! It has been fun to be able to get her on the wall every day while I belay her. She loves the code words that we say before each climb. "Climbing"   "Climb-on"

Bike rides with Jasmine are a must!

Thanks to Pinterest, I can have her do little crafts that keep her busy while I get things done. 
(even if she eats most of the cheerios in the process)

She kills me in her school uniform! This girl has sass for days....
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  1. Adorable! She's got a big personality! Love it!

  2. She is absolutely precious, looking all pleased with her 'big girl' uniform! X