Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Weekend in Pictures

This last weekend was a blast! 
Ryan and some of his guy friends joined the Utah Climbing Club, which takes them to various amazing climbing spots in Utah, as well as the surrounding states. They will also do some ice climbing, and hike some famous large mountains such as; Mt. Rainier, Mt. Whitney, and also at the end of the year hike Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina!  I am slightly jealous..... but luckily, me and the wives of these guys are close friends so we have already planned a couple of the trips to tag-a-long to. :) This being one of them. 
Ibex is a place west of Delta, Utah. Middle of nowhere! But boy, do they have some good climbing. 
We got there after dark, but the guys just had to get some bouldering in. 
I love this shot that Ryan got.

Leave it to the guys to make breakfast! They made yummy breakfast burritos for everyone. There is something about making breakfast while camping. So fun, and waaay better tasting than it would taste at home, for some reason. ;)

Taryn, Jason, Steve, Carly, Dane, Kelsey, and Ryan.  The dream team.

I like to secretly snap pictures of my husband.... he could easily be a Jesus actor/model.. haha

Dane and Steve

Ry-Guy tearing it up

I finally did my first lead climb outside! woo! It was amazing. Never goin' back.

The coolest rocks! The texture was definitely an adjustment for climbing, but it was a fun factor to add to the challenge.

Jason topping out 


The land next to all of the climbing was just completely barren and flat. It almost resembled the salt flats! It was the craziest thing. So naturally, we had to take some handstand and jumping pictures :)

I love these crazy people! So glad they are in my life.

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