Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our weekend in Pictures- Company Cruise

Friday (Valentine's Day) was Ryan's Birthday!!! He finally caught up to my same age. ;)
For his birthday, Ellie and I threw a party for him when he got home from work, that started with a Nerf Gun fight :)

Then he opened our presents... a Goal Zero solar panel charger, camping chair, some camping stuff for cooking, a new headlamp, but I think the best thing of all was the Oreo O's. Remember that amazing cereal that they stopped selling forever ago?! Well.... Ryan always talks about it, so I found out that Korea is the only place that still makes Oreo O's! haha So I found some on Ebay and bought them for Ryan. I love the Korean text on the cereal box. Ryan was so surprised! (I love that he gets so excited over cereal)

On that same day, our company left for our annual company spouse trip! This year was a cruise to Ensenada Mexico out of California. Luckiest employees!

I realized that I am not a huge cruise person myself, but it was still a blast. I just tend to like being outside to be able to explore, rather than on a boat for a few days. Although, maybe me getting motion sickness easily is the reason... or that I lost $45 my first time gambling. UGH!  But it was still a blast. and it was safe to say that we had soft serve ice cream cones at LEAST 3 times a day... (still going through withdrawals at home without it) and karaoke stole most of our time on the cruise ship- we spent hours there every night! Our company filled most of the room and we all kept taking turns singing the most ridiculous songs. Sooo funny.

Me and my love at Karaoke night!

It was nice to finally get off the cruise ship and walk around Mexico. I love this candid pic of my friend and co-worker, Annie and my mother-in-law. Such beautiful ladies!!

These tacos were heavenly.... I still dream about them fortnightly.

The three ladies of Acumen Learning! What would they do without us..... I love these two!

Night #2 of Karaoke... all of the men got up there and sang a song for the ladies!

Ryan and I can get a little crazy sometimes. 
Let's just say this: What is classier than singing karaoke on a cruise ship to "Let's Make Love" by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill in front of your co-workers, boss, and in-laws?  
Oh, and yes. We were completely sober. 

The whole Acumen Learning crew! 
I am so blessed to be able to work with such a fun group of people. 

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  1. hahaha that karaoke video was hilarious. I loved the big smooch. Ryan is a crackup.