Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January Sayings

At 4 years old, this cute girlie is still saying the funniest things! 
Here are some Ellie quotes from January.

We were in the rock climbing gym, and Ellie was anxious to get on the wall and start climbing.  As she was waiting for me to put on my shoes, she said "Come ON mom! Be BRAVE!!"

We were at dinner, and she starting hitting her head with both of hands and scrunching her face. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "UGGHH... THINK! THINK! THINK!" and I asked her why she was doing that  and she said, "My Brain isn't thinking right now, it fell asleep! THINK! THINK!"

We were outside by Bridal Veil Falls and Ellie was freezing, and Ryan said "The cold makes us stronger!" and Ellie said "I don't feel strong, I just feel cold"

While laying in bed cuddling she said to me, "You make my heart flutta, momma"

"You're really kindful, momma"

Ellie has apparently been watching us as we talk to Siri in our phones to set reminders for ourselves.  Randomly one day she grabbed my phone and said into it, "Remind me" and gave it back to me. 

"The more I cuddle with you, the more happy I get!"

"You're so precious to me, momma!!!"

Me: "Ellie you're such a cutie pie."
Ellie: "You're such a mommy pie."

"Snow caves are only for bears, not people!!"

Ellie heard the guy on the radio say "Sara Bareilles" and Ellie said, "Why did he say Sarah Gorillas?!"

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