Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Sayings

I didn't record many Ellie quotes this month, but here are a few that I did. 
Ellie continues to be spunky and full of love these days! 
- coming up on 4  1/2 years old. . . wwhhhatt?

Ellie: "What is a Honeymoon?'
Me: "It is where you go on a fun trip after you get married."
Ellie: "Oh. Who do you go with? a honey bear?"

Ellie told me to "Drive faster!" while in the car and I told her that we couldn't because there was a car in front of us and we would hit it if we went faster. Ellie said "Oh....and then the policeman will give a ticket and throw us in the dungeon??"

Ellie was mad at me for putting her in time out and she yelled to me, "I don't want a mommy anymore!! I want my mommy UNDONE!"

"Daddy, you're so great and beautiful and precious"

Ellie was really getting the hang of riding her bike one day, and she yelled while peddling, " I'm learning how to be 5!!!"

Ellie: "Mommies make LOTS of rules."
Me: "Yep. Because without rules, things would get out of hand, huh!"
Ellie: "Ya, and we would drive all the mommies CRAZY!!"

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  1. She is so cute Michelle! You are the cutest mom. We should get her and Skye together! The weather is getting warmer finally! Call me sometime:) 801-875-8278