Monday, December 30, 2013

December Sayings

These are actually quotes from Ellie for the past couple of months... (I have been a horrible blogger lately!)
But Ellie is still saying hilarious things, so I love to share them on here so that I can remember them forever.
(p.s. Ellie is 4 years old right now)

While cuddling, Ellie came in close and stroked my cheek and said, "I just love you so very much momma. Your skin is so soft and you are OH so sweet!"

"You're my favorite human"

"I want new mommy's and daddy's!!!" 
 (gotta love the drastic change from the last one to this one ;)

"Did you hear that?! It was a pyramid of toots!"

Ellie has been asking a lot of questions lately about heaven. She said, "When I was in heaven before I was a baby, was Santa Clause there will all of my friends too?"

I asked Ellie if she wanted to go see Santa at the mall and she said, "Oh YA! But don't tell him I was naughty today.... Because I was good the other day before today, I promise!"

"I want to watch Barbie and the Graham Cracker"  (she meant to say Nutcracker, I believe.) 

We were driving in the car and Ellie said, "I'm just closing my eyes to rest and think about Jesus. Like how he wants us to brush our teeth and wash our hands after we go potty. Ya! I am thinking about what mommy and daddy and Jesus want me to do!"

"Wanna know what I wanna be when I grow up? A Player. Because I am really good at playing with things"

"I have two dads, just like Jesus!!"

"When I am older I will marry Daddy!! and I will be the wife!!"

Laying in bed with Ellie-- 
Ellie: "I wish you were my Aunt"
Me: "haha Why? You don't want me to be your mommy?"
Ellie: "No, I wish Sharon was my mommy." Then she laughed.
(Sharon is my Co-worker/family friend) haha!

Ellie woke up and wandered to our room and I said, "Hi Sweetie! You slept for a long time!" and She said, "Is that doing what Jesus wants me to do?"

** Obviously this is the age of curiosity about Jesus! ;)

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  1. Super sweet! My 3 year old has been curious about Jesus and heaven too. What a beautiful opportunity to point them to the Savior. Thanks for sharing =)