Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas was great this year! We are so lucky that both of our families live close to us, so that we can share the holidays with everyone. We are so blessed!
Here is a photo dump of our Christmas festivities.

Christmas at the Cope house

Ryan & King James

The girls looked so cute in their Christmas Jammies!!

The guys in their Christmas Jammies!  (I was a little jealous of their sweet hoodies)

Papa with his grandkids

Austin, Brittany, and their adorable twins- Thea and James

Ryan's sister Noelle's reaction to her sparkly backpack :)

Mimi & Papa with Bella and Noelle!

Mimi's reaction to the locket necklace that Ellie got her :)

Spencer with Thea

The only thing that Ellie wanted for Christmas was a Unicorn backpack that she saw at Nordstrom. :) Her reaction was priceless! I am so glad that I had my camera with me.

She just hugged it all day... :)

We got to Skype with Ryan's brother, Elder Conner Cope! He is currently serving the LDS church in the country of Nicaragua. We love you Con Man!!! He is doing so well, and we are all so grateful for him.

He looks so good!!!

I started a little picture tradition every Christmas Eve.. All of the handsome Cope boys get together and prepare the crab for dinner, all while wearing their Christmas pajamas. I love this shot! (minus that we are missing Conner) 
Maybe next year I will post all four pictures that I have of them :)

These babies have my heart!!

Christmas at the Duncan house

This year, my brother and sister-in-law organized a little nativity for the kids to put on, complete with shepherds, Mary, Joseph, and an adorable angel. 
Definitely going to be a tradition every Christmas!  
The kids looked so festive, and Ellie loved being Mary despite her face in this picture. ha

I could eat baby Julian up!!!

Ryan and I made Christmas brunch for everyone!

My brother Dan and his wife Alli, and their adorable boys Cody and Mason

Cody + Ellie 

Phoebe was too cute this year!!

We made a calendar for my dad to hang in his office

My twin brother Russ and his wife Jana are the cutest!! 

My brother Brad and his wife Gina and their adorable kids Phoebe and Julian

Ellie was excited about her new rock climbing shoes!

Ellie got her own yoga mat! This is serious business, folks!

For the past 6 months, I have been secretly working with my dad to put together another book that he wrote to surprise everyone for Christmas.  It is the cutest book! I will have to share it with you in another post, but it is about a boy and his green galoshes. So, him being the cutest grandpa that he is, he got every grandchild a pair of green galoshes to go along with the book. EEEK! I can't wait to share the book with you. It is adorable!

For a gift for my dad, us kids decided to take him on a scavenger hunt around the house and have him end up in a room in his basement. We did a room make-over to turn one of the rooms into a playroom for the kids! We thought this would be a fun idea because he doesn't have much time himself to do that, and the grandkids need a specific room that they can mess up instead of messing up his whole house :) 
It was a fun surprise for my dad AND the grandkids!

The reveal! We all just donated toys to the playroom so that we didn't even need to buy that much for it. It turned out great!

Phoebe got the most fun present of all! This mini coaster!
 The kids played on this thing forever.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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