Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Sayings

Our little Ellie Mae is turning FOUR in October. We can't believe it! She is so dang cute and so fun to hang out with. I seriously could hang out with her all day and be perfectly entertained. She is so smart too. 
A little too smart...
Here are some of her sayings from September--

"Mom, take a picture with my new fun friends"

"For my birthday I want a roller coaster so that everyone can go on it and we can go to the highest mountain!!"

"Guess what I dreamed about, momma? Rainbows and unicorns and hearts and you & me eating banana bread."

"Is Jesus Handsome?"

"When I am older, I am going to learn how to drive a car, and cut with big scissors, and I can cross the street without holding hands! Ya, when I'm 4!"

We were driving on a bumpy road and she says, "This road is diculous!" (ridiculous)

"When I get older, can I marry Daddy too? And borrow your ring?"

"I really wish I had princess scriptures. That would be nice."

"Ellie was riding her bike down the sidewalk and yelled back at me, "Go back to your house! I'll be fine!!"

"I say prayers like Jesus does!!!"  (pointing to her prayer chart) 

and here are two more pictures... just because she is so darn cute!

riding a pony at Ben's girlfriend's grandma's house


 photo finalsiggy_zpsbdfd543d.png


  1. Brad read these to me the other night and we were laughing so hard! she is toooooo cute!