Friday, October 18, 2013

San Felipe, Mexico - October 2013

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to go to Mexico! We are so spoiled by Ryan's parents, and are so blessed that we are able to go on such vacations to Mexico with them a couple of times a year. 
We go to San Felipe every October, and it is a blast because we drive the motorhome 16 hours south until we get there, and then we camp on the beach! 
Nothing beats lounging around in the sun for a whole week. 

Here are some random pictures from the trip-- I used to be so good at documenting trips, and would make fun videos! (See last year's video I made here... ) But I just have been so busy that this is all you are going to get! haha


Morning sunrise yoga.... my absolute favorite thing in San Felipe is watching the sun rise... I could actually be a morning person if I lived here!!

Birthday morning snuggles!
I am so lucky that my birthday happens to fall during our annual San Felipe trips. 
Who wouldn't want to be in Mexico for their birthday?!

While out on a four wheel ride, everyone decorated the motorhome for me to be surprised with!! (ellie picked out the Ariel paper plates, and Ryan picked out the Star Wars banner... haha) My family is too good to me!!!

Ellie got me a little present with a coupon that said "Free finger nail painting by Ellie" and signed her name. haha I about died. So cute!

and my amazing husband SPOILED me rotten! He threw me for a loop when he surprised me with plane tickets to HAWAII for our anniversary in March! I am SO EXCITED!!! 
Best surprise. Ever. 

I had such a fabulous birthday! Thank you to my friends and family for their kinds words and for spoiling me rotten!!

We found a cute little blonde souvenir to bring home with us...

The last supper in Mexico

We all had such a great time!!!
pictured are some of our family members plus some neighbor friends who came with us.

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