Friday, October 18, 2013

My Birthday ATTACK!! on video


Yup, my husband shows NO MERCY! hahaha My co-workers got me good. . . . 

I had been trying to strategize how to prepare for this attack. You see, at my work, we attack the employees with silly string and Nerf guns on their birthdays. It is done in different ways so that each employee doesn't know it's coming. 
I was in Mexico for my birthday, so I figured they would attack me the Monday that I was back. Well, Monday rolled around.. Tuesday rolled around... then came Wednesday. I had a thought that it might happen then, but I was also thinking that maybe they weren't going to attack me since I wasn't here for my birthday... But then, I realized that of course they were going to attack me because my HUSBAND works with me and there is no way that he would just forget to attack me. He jumps at opportunities like this ;)

So as I was sitting at my desk, Sharon my manager yelled over the phone intercom "ATTACK!!!!" and instantly I yelled NO NO NO!! and tried to run, but got trapped. My husband gave me the ultimate takedown and I just folded like a lawn chair after three attempts of getting away from him.. hahaha I really hope he is still working here in February, because I am so getting him back!

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