Friday, October 18, 2013

It's been a while.....

Wowza! Guys, I haven't written in a while. Like a long time.... I have just been posting pictures pretty much this whole last summer-- which is ok, but there is so much to talk about! And I miss my old writing rant days.... 

Just wanted to give whoever reads this, a little update about my family's lives as of late. 
Ryan has been working his butt off at school! I mean, really guys... I am convinced that I have the hardest working husband out there. He is working part time, while finishing up his LAST (yay!) semester at Utah Valley University. He has gotten straight A's, and has quite the full load... plus, he is the president of the AMA marketing club at the school which takes up most of his time. On top of that, he is the most incredible father to Ellie, and gets her ready for the day each and every morning while I go into work early. How does he do it?! I will never know... but he is the most amazing man I have ever met. I am so grateful for him in mine and Ellie's life, and for all that he does for us! I am so excited to see what the future has in store for him. He is one of those people who is good at  E V E R Y T H I N G  and could do anything in life, because of how hard of a worker he is. The feeling of not knowing what the next step in life is for us is an exciting feeling-- where will he work after he graduates? Will he get into an MBA program somewhere out of state? Will we have any more children? There are so many unknown things that await us, and I am excited to experience the next stage in our lives together.

I have been working full time at Acumen Learning since last December and I love it! The people I work with really make this job amazing. We are one big family, and I enjoy coming to work every day. I am in charge of coordinating all of the travel logistics for all of our trainers that go out to teach Business Acumen. I book hotels, rental cars, etc. It is fun! I also am in charge of updating the revenue reports, the compensation reports, and other small tasks around the office. The best part of my job? I get to work with my Husband!!! A lot of people tell me they would hate to work with their spouse..... but my spouse happens to be the coolest out there, and every day is a party at work with this guy. I love it. I don't know what I am going to do when I am a stay at home mom... I am not going to like that disconnection from him!  But for now, I will enjoy these last couple of months working with him. 

Ellie Mae is turning FOUR next week! We can't believe it. She is so spunky and sassy and yet so sweet all at the same time. My favorite thing about her this past summer is how big of a cuddle bug she is. She always wants to cuddle with us. All day long she would cuddle if it were up to her! One day over the summer, she played at a neighbor's house that was a boy and she asked him if he wanted to cuddle with her on the couch! HAHA! She is the funniest.   Another thing is, she is obsessed with Power Rangers right now.... random!?! I think she watched an episode of it at her other dad's house, and fell in love. She wants to be a pink Power Ranger for Halloween, and have a Power Ranger birthday party. Oh, and she wants Ryan and I to be Power Rangers with her for Halloween. So funny. Some things that Ellie loves right now are dolls, necklaces, books, LOTS of books, matching games, helping mom do the laundry, (she is an expert towel folder, its crazy) and picking out her own outfits. Mom is trying to do a better job with letting her do that.... even if the outfit is crazy. :)

Our lives as of late have looked glamorous and adventurous, and that is because there have been MANY of those moments! We have been so blessed with being able to do fun things with our family, and experience life to the fullest. However, life has definitely not been easy. Marriage is hard! and marriage with kids is hard! and kids are hard. haha Ryan and I have many arguments and disagreements, and I can be very difficult at times... :), Ellie has several tantrums a day, and trust me they are not fun. We definitely don't have a perfect life and have many hard days-- but I am so lucky to be able to experience the bad times with the ones that I love the most. And with a husband who is patient with me, and Ellie. Life has challenged us this past year, but I am in the learning process of becoming a better version of myself. Isn't that why we are all here in life? To strive to become the best  version of ourselves? I am continually climbing the ladder, and falling back down. But I am grateful for my imperfections and hardships. They make me want to embrace them and learn from them. (depending on the day ;)   Today I feel excited for life. For what the future holds, and for where the wind will take us. But I also know that I need to try and focus on the NOW and what I can do NOW to better my life, to get me to where I want to be in the future. 

Love you all, and thanks for listening to my rambling. I think I am emotional because my husband is on an airplane to Poland right now for work, and Ellie is with her other dad this weekend....and I am still at work on a Friday night at 8:00pm. Somebody call a wwaaahhmbulance!!
Now I am going to go watch some New Girl with a bowl of ice cream in my baggy sweats, because I can. :) 

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