Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Sayings

August was another month filled with funny Ellie quotes. This girl has so much personality lately! I just love hanging out with her. 
Especially when she continuously says that I am her 'best friend' :)

-less than 2 months away from turning 4-

My family was having a BBQ up the canyon and she was walking around and said, "You can't be bored in this beautiful world!"

Ellie was fussy and tired and I said to her "We can either read two books then go to bed, OR just go to bed. What do you want to do?" and she yelled, "I DON"T WANT ANY OPTIONS!!!!!"

Me:  "K Ellie, it's time to go home!"
Ellie: "ahhhhh, not again!!!"

Talking about our religious temple:  "A boy human and a girl human go inside the temple and kiss! Then they are married."

We bought Ellie a little doctor dress-up and she was giving me a "check-up". I asked her, "So, how am I doing, Doc?" and she responded, "Good and Precious!"

Me: "Ellie, you know how you turn 4 on your birthday? Well, momma is going to turn 25!"
Ellie: "WOW!! That is ALOT of pounds!!"

For Zucchini bread, she says "Bikini Bread"

I put Ellie in timeout because she was throwing a tantrum, and she yelled at me- "If you're going to not be nice to me, then I won't be your best friend anymore!!!!"

We were eating dinner and I said, "Ellie, is momma a good cook or is daddy a better cook?" and she said, "Daddy is a better cook, but.... uhhh.. you... are the..... most beautiful?"   hahah burn. 

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  1. She is so cute! She told me she wants a
    Roller Coaster for her birthday with a car for everyone to ride in and she wants to take it to the tallest mountain! Seriously miss her. I didn't get to spend enough time with her!

  2. I always love these - a highlight of my month!