Saturday, September 28, 2013


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Monday, September 23, 2013

Our weekend in Pictures

This last weekend was a blast! Our friends Jason & Taryn came with us down south to Zion National Park to play around. 
We camped Friday night, and woke up to hike Angel's Landing Saturday morning. What a BEAUTIFUL area! I had never done this hike, so I really enjoyed it. It was only about a 5 mile hike roundtrip, but it was pretty steep at parts, and I don't recommend this hike for someone who is afraid of heights! Mega drop offs... it was awesome :)

Ryan found some baby deer friends on our way up

Here, you can kind of get a good idea of how scary of a hike it is! 
Luckily there are chains if you need some help-


Jason & Taryn livin on the edge

Hubbs doing tree pose 

almost to the top!

We made it!
I love this picture of Taryn

The whole gang

a picture of us taking a picture of our feet. ;)

and a nasty encounter on the way back down

River jumping to cool off!

After Angel's Landing, we drove to St. George, Utah. We explored there for a while- 
these cracks are always fun to weasel through ;)

Then we did some climbing at Chuckwalla. This wall is my nemesis! Every time I climb here it breaks me down mentally, physically, and emotionally.... someday I will conquer all the routes on this wall and then never come back. :)

Sure do love being a weirdo with this guy

Saturday night we camped near Moe's Valley. Jason brought his gun and the guys did some shooting. Ryan looks like he visited Afghanistan over the weekend.

We woke up Sunday morning and did some sacred and spiritual bouldering in Moe's Valley ;)

Then we drove to the Prophecy Wall in St. George. It was our first time climbing there and it was a cool spot! 

We had a blast!  Hope you all had a splendid and lovely weekend.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sole Envy Photo shoot - we got pictures back!

Ellie was asked to do a photo shoot for Sole Envy , modeling some of their boots.
 Sole Envy has the cutest shoes for kids! They also have lots for adults too. Check out their website, because some photos are already up and it looks so awesome!--

 Anyways, we just got our pictures back from Kali Poulsen photography, and they turned out adorable!
 I just had to share some with you. Ellie did so good and had so much fun doing it! 

these gold wedges kill me. haha

Lovely little shoe models!

this last one is her to a TEE.
 love love much love for this girl!

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