Monday, August 19, 2013

Our weekend in Pictures

This was actually two weekends ago, but I have been so busy that I haven't gotten around to posting this amazing trip that we went on!
11 of my friends went down to Havasupai, which is in Arizona. Havasupai is a small indian village down in the Grand Canyon, and it is a 10 mile hike to get there. 2 miles past the village are BEAUTIFUL waterfalls that you can play in! We camped there for 3 nights, and had a BLAST. The hike back was hard because we had to leave close to 3AM to beat the heat, and there were mega switchbacks for the last couple of miles. Then just to get in our car and drive 10 miles home. yikes! But it was definitely worth it. :)

Hammock party!! 8 hammocks on 4 trees. It was epic.

Mooney Falls

Super sketchy hike to get down to the falls...

I love these ladies so much!  Me, Jen, Carly, and Sam

Nate & Jen bein all cute n stuff

Sleepy-eyed girls... hence the black and white filter. haha

This is a few of us behind one of the water falls. 
It was fun jumping through the falls from behind them!

Some more cliff jumping..

Ry, Wang, and Cade

me and my man!

Ryan the snake whisperer...

Ry-Guy and Jesse. Such great guys!

The whole gang

Goodbye... we shall meet again!

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  1. Just came across your blog, definitely following you now! Your pics are gorg!

  2. Love it! Any tips for future trips to the waterfalls? I live in Cali & cant wait to take a trip there.

  3. my husband posted some more details about the waterfalls if you want to check out his blog post about it!

  4. Read it, thanks! Looks like sooo much fun, im glad I now know that we have to make reservations,gotta admire the beautiful we have here in the US <3