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Our trip to Europe - Part 6: France -- Paris

We made it to the last stop of our trip--- PARIS!
Ryan has been to Paris a couple of times already... but it has been my dream since I was 12 to go here so I just had to make a pit stop. :)

Paris started off a little bit rocky because once we finally made it to our apartment, we couldn't get in! The person that was supposed to meet us there wasn't there, etc. and we had no phone. Anyways, we eventually found her and all was well once we got in and were able to put all of our packs down and breathe!

I loved our apartment- just simple and small. It was fun not staying in a hostel for a change and having our own place instead of bunking with other dudes!

Paris was fun- I loved walking the streets and seeing all the different shops and cafes!

Loved how all the cafe chairs are faced outwards towards the street. 
Perfect for people watching.

The Louvre.
We didn't go inside because of the small amount of time that we had in Paris. 
Maybe next time!

The Sainte Chapelle was beautiful inside!

The Notre Dame-
We didn't have time to go inside of this either, but the outside architecture was awesome.

One of Ryan's favorite spots in Paris is the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. I fell in love with it too! My favorite section was the children's books.
 I am a sucker for french childrens books... I wanted to buy them all!

Since Ryan knows Paris somewhat well with visiting there a few times, he was leading us around everywhere and I was just following him around. I had no clue where we were most of the time... and he had us get off a certain metro stop and when we came up from the metro, he told me to close my eyes. I was so confused... and he had me turn the corner and told me to open my eyes. The Eiffel tower was right in front of us!! I was sooo excited! Because I had no idea that we were even close to the Eiffel Tower. Might sound silly and touristy, but I have been waiting to see this thing for so long that it just didn't seem real! 
I loved that he surprised me with it because I was completely clueless as to where it was at in the city.
Naturally, we had to get a crepe by the Eiffel Tower... best thing ever just to relax for a while on the grass and dream about someday living here.... :)

One of our favorite stops in Paris was the Catacombes. Ryan had already been there, but he was so excited to go again. There is literally nothing like this place! It was amazing walking under the streets of Paris in tunnels filled with bones from years and years ago. I was amazed with the way that they stacked the bones and put all of the same bones in the same places. It was pretty beautiful art.. and creepy at the same time being down there in the dark tunnel with millions of bones! I loved every minute of it...and it was well worth the 2 hour wait in the heat.

skull heart

My favorite was just walking the streets of Paris and looking at all the different store fronts and bakeries and cafes. Straight out of a movie!

yummy Fallafels on the street from L'As du Fallafel - 

I have heard from a few people that Macarons are over rated and pricey and look prettier than they taste. So I have actually never ever tried a macaron! Yes, even though they have been all the craze for a while now...I guess I just didn't want to jump on that bandwagon and pretend that they were good just because of how pretty they look :) BUT a few people told me that we needed to try some in Paris. I agreed to going to one of the most famous macaron bakeries in Paris to try some. They were pricey for those little guys, so I was hoping that they would be somewhat worth it. aaannnddd uhh they were AMAZING!! Like unreal, guys. I can't believe that was my first time trying them--- we LOVED them!! We were trying to savor every little small bite of that tiny round goodness. Totally worth it. and I am kind of glad that my first time trying a macaron was in Paris. As it should be!
We ate soooo bad in Paris... yet soooo good. :) Wanna hear what we ate in one of the days that we were there? For breakfast, we had croissants and orange rolls. Then had macarons, then a salted caramel crepe and a lemon crepe. Then Fallafels for lunch. Then rose shaped gelato (which was amazing... the lady making it would slowly construct each cone carefully until it had perfect rose petals. Made out of Gelato!!) Then we went to a recommended cafe called Angelina's. We were told that their famous hot chocolate was a MUST and that we needed to get a certain dessert there. By the time we found Angelina's, it was almost closing time so we just snuck in and ordered the dessert and one cup of hot chocolate. We literally only went here to try it because people had recommended it to us. We weren't even hungry and it was a thousand degrees outside and the last thing that sounded good was hot chocolate in 100 degree weather. But we were only in Paris for two days, sooo why not? It was pretty bitter and the dessert was mega rich. Ryan couldn't stand the hot chocolate, and we couldn't even finish the dessert because it was so rich. This is rare for us guys.... we never leave food on our plates. But this was a little too much for us. Maybe it would have been better at night when it was cooler? Who knows, but the heat and the bitter hot chocolate and the rich dessert was just too much for us to take. We were laughing so hard the whole time as we were sweating bullets, drinking our 8 Euro bitter hot chocolate.
Oh, and then we finished the night off with two rounds of steak and frites 
at Le Relais de Venise.. 
The french eat well!!
It was so so so so so good!! It was cool because they only have ONE thing on the menu. Their plate of Steak and frites. And they just ask you how you want your steak cooked and that's it-- And once you are getting low on steak and frites, they come replenish your plate with more fresh hot steak and frites.
mmmmm... I have been craving it ever since we went there!
One thing on my list of places to go was to Chanel's old apartment. But by the time we got there, it had just barely closed! (The store, not the apartment. People aren't allowed into the apartment) I was bummed, but it's ok- it was still cool to see!   and I guess I missed the memo that everything in Paris closes at 6 or 7pm. crazy! Oh, and dinner is from 8pm-11pm.

We passed a store called Eleven Paris and I fell in love- they had rad clothes and I really liked their style. I picked up this iPhone case for my new phone. yes please!

We weren't going to do the lock bridge... but then we thought that it might be cool to have one on there for our future kids to go add to it if they ever go to Paris. So we locked one up and threw the key into the Seine! I totally butchered the writing on the lock. It is supposed to say Ry & Shell Shell Cope. The marker was too fat so you can barely read shell shell. haha oh well! I have come to terms with my third grade hand writing.

We decided to go up to see the Sacre Coeur and when we got there, this is what we saw. wwoooaahh people everywhere!! We were wondering what was going on, then we heard that they play outdoor movies on a huge screen some nights there. What a fun idea!! If only we had more time in paris, we would have stayed and watched it.
K.. has anyone seen the amazing soccer ball juggling dude at the Sacre Coeur? 
Ryan said he is always there preforming on the street light.
He blew my mind!! I wish I would have taken a video of it.
I loved walking around the streets behind the Sacre Couer! So many painters there sketching the most amazing pictures of people. Beautiful.

After dinner, we walked around the streets, trying to soak in our last day of this amazing trip that we were able to go on.

Ry and I walked along the Siene river and found a spot on the bridge to sit and watch the Eiffel Tower light up. It was midnight by this time, and no one was around us. It was such a magical moment! Paris, I will see you again. Soon. I must!

It was a loooong flight home, but we made it! and it was such a joyous occasion seeing Ellie after those two weeks. We missed her so much! and it was good to be back with her. :)

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  1. I am seriously so, so happy that you finally made it to Paris! And with your love, no less. So fun.