Friday, August 16, 2013

Our trip to Europe - Part 5: Spain -- El Chorro

We said our goodbyes to Ryan's family, and headed to our last spot in Spain. 
El Chorro is in the mountains, and is a really well known rock climbing spot. We passed through it on the train to Southern Spain, and we immediately changed our plans so that we could fit El Chorro into this trip because it looked so cool! So we took the train back to El Chorro after Morocco, and found that it was a quiet, desolate place with only a few houses and stray dogs. We saw a sign that said "Rock climbers welcome" and "guide books" that was directing us to this tiny house that looked abandoned. We had wanted to buy a climbing book for El Chorro, so we thought we would knock on the door to see if they had any.. It was kind of sketchy though. We knocked and some dogs barked, then finally some guy opened his window and mumbled something. We asked if he had any climbing guide books and he told us the price, took our money, and headed back into his house. Ryan and I just looked at each other in hopes that he didn't just walk away with our money. ha  He came back to the window and handed us this guide book and we were on our way. I could already tell this place would be quite an adventure! ;)

The guide book said that in order to get over to the spot that we wanted to get to, we would have to basically climb over this huge mountain. Not happening. We saw some guys walk through the train tunnel.... so that's what we decided to do. It was scary having to run through it and barely missing the train go by us! But so so cool to come out of the tunnel opening to such a cool place.

rebels are we

El Chorro is famous for their "El Camino del Rey" Which means"The King's Pathway".
You should read about it here. It is AMAZING. Basically it is this walkway that was built along the mountains many years ago to help carry materials across to build a power plant. The walk way is only 3 feet wide, and about 330 feet above the river, so it is very dangerous! There are many open gaps and holes along the walkway too. There was a wire installed along the pathway so that people could hook themselves into the wire for safety, but there have been deaths recently and in past years because the wire snapped! yikes. I can't believe we were actually considering walking on it.... I was all for it at that time. But looking back, I have no clue what I was thinking. Anyways, we didn't end up walking on it because it would have taken a few hours to hike down and cross the river, and back up to it. We saw some guys rock climbing right on the pathway though! It was INSANE!! Ryan and I both said that is on our bucket list. Why? because we are both stupid and genius at the same time. ;)

I found this picture on Bing to show you how wide the walkway is... and so that you can see the holes in the pathway. CRAZY right??

It was so beyond hot there... and there was only tiny patches of shade here and there. We ran out of water and were heating up. Then by the grace of God, we found a water fountain!!
 It seriously saved us.....

Beneath the water fountain, we noticed some shiny things... we hiked down a little bit and in the midst of all of these trees and bushes, someone had made a little shower area! Complete with a mirror and all.
 I am guessing one of the locals made it. awesome.
We went back to safe ground and found some cool rock climbing routes.
Ry killed it as usual!

This was a fun route to climb-- 

Aaaand our trip to El Chorro came to an end. We took the train back to Malaga, Spain where we took a plane to Paris!
This was a picture of us with all of our gear that we traveled all over Europe with. It was fun backpacking and staying in Hostels- I loved it! But it sure was draining carrying all of our stuff everywhere we went  :)    (sometimes we found lockers to put our stuff in)
 Ry had a backpack in front of him as well as his pack on his back, and I carried two bags one on each shoulder plus the pack on my back. yyyaaaayyaa!
 photo finalsiggy_zpsbdfd543d.png

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  1. Wow, just wow. I'd seen pictures of that pathway before and never really remembered where it was.