Friday, August 16, 2013

Our trip to Europe - Part 4: Morocco -- Tangier

Tangier, Morocco is only a 30 minute ferry from Spain! So we took a day trip there with Ryan's family.

I saw this beauty parked in the ferry, and I just knew that my family would die over it. 
(our family has a total of 4 Land Rovers... quite the obsession)

The second we got off the ferry, we had this man named Larry come up to us saying that he could take us on a tour of the city for a good price. We were skeptical at first, but he was cracking the funniest jokes and seemed like a pretty cool guy. So we said, what the heck? I can't even begin to describe to you how hilarious Larry was... my mother-in-law even started writing down things that he was saying so that we could have a 'Larry quote book'. hahah "Why you run away from Larry??"  "Running is my hoobie" and many many more... We were all laughing the whole time! I may have said at one point to Ryan that we are  going to name our first born son, Larry.           Too much?

First he took us to this beautiful Mosque. There was an open door and there were little children studying the Quran, and I fell in love! 
The colors and buildings in Morocco are amazing.

Then Larry took us to ride Camels! It all happened so fast... We got on the camels and rode them across the street, the guys took our picture, and we rode back. haha I was dying laughing... Larry got things done quick! Been there, done that.. Why not cram everything into one tour like this? haha It was fun though... 
I just wish we could have ridden them for longer.

Beautiful lights and architecture everywhere...

Ran into a snake charmer, and naturally, my husband wanted to help out. YIKES!

Classic Larry stance.
 Isn't he rockin those harem pants?? :)

Moroccan street market

We went and ate at this AMAZING Moroccan restaurant for lunch. It was a 5-6 course meal... and every single thing that they brought out was so delicious! 
The spices and flavors were amazing!

This was like a chicken filled pastry with cinnamon and powdered sugar on top... sounds weird, but it was sooo yummy.

These chicken kabobs were insanely good!

This dessert was addicting. Tasted like a sweet caramel soft graham cracker.

Strolling the streets, we would peek into shops like this. There would be kids with thread and yarn tied to a window, and would roll out the thread all the way down the street.. I couldn't tell what they were doing with it, separating it or somehow twisting it together to become thicker. But it was fun to see!

Pretty plates and mirrors

Lots and lots of Moroccan rugs

Just some of my favorite things: 
Ryan picked out this sweeeet Moroccan ring for me, and the shop owner gave us the yummiest mint tea to drink
I picked up this cute leather satchel in a shop- I love it!

Ryan's mom Karen & I were on the hunt for some awesome Harem pants like Larry... with a feminine twist. ha   Isn't she ROCKIN these harem pants?? 
sheeeesh. I wish I could pull these off like she can!

One of the shop owners insisted that I put on a traditional Kaftan dress. I LOVED it!

Morocco was a blast!

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