Friday, August 16, 2013

Our trip to Europe - Part 3: Spain -- Estepona & Casares

After Lagos in Portugal, we made the looooong journey down to Southern Spain. Ryan's parents were already there vacationing with Ryan's little sisters, so we had planned to meet up with them for a couple of days! The resort they were staying at was in Estepona, Spain. Isn't it beautiful? This was quite the step up from the hostels we had been staying at ;)

We went down to the beach and explored. Lots of cool rocks and creatures on this beach!

Ryan's sisters 

Happy are we.

After the beach, we went up into the mountain area of Estepona, to a town called Casares. Oooh Heaven Help me. I fell in love with this place! All of the white houses against the green hill tops... the quiet, empty streets... the view... the flowers... everything. 
I was ready to stay there forever!
Plus.. there is something about being in Spain with the most handsome man alive... it just gets me, ya know?

My in-laws are the cutest! I swear they look like they are still in their twenties. 
Oh how I love them!

Ryan and his sisters playing a little game of ninjas in the street

I mean.......

For dinner, we went up to this restaurant up above the town, and the view was incredible! We ate amazing food on the terrace as the sun went down. This was definitely my favorite spot in Spain. 
I already want to go back!

This man.. in this place.... so dreamy.

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  1. MMMk so 3 things: 1| i am TOTALLY jealous of this trip - especially to spain and portugal! my DREAM!! 2| you are seriously SO gorgeous! not fair .. and 3| WHERE did you get that beautiful dress?? i'm in love ..

  2. Thanks girl!! I got it at Soel Boutique a few weeks ago. They might have more! xoxo