Friday, August 16, 2013

Our trip to Europe - Part 2: Portugal --Lagos

After Lisbon and Sintra, we took a looong bus ride down to southern Portugal to a beach town called Lagos.  This had a lot younger of a crowd, lots of surfers, and good food. We stayed at a really nice Hostel that had only been open for a month. It was called Tag Hostel. The owner lady was super nice and walked us to the big market there. We had a great experience in all of our hostels!

Here is the view from our hostel patio. Everyone just hung out on it all night- it was fun!

The view outside of our bedroom window

The inside common room was so cute!

Fell in love with a wall just outside of our hostel.. so I just had to get a picture by it-
I am diggin my new "It's OK" tee from It's OK Apparel!

Ryan makes theeeee best faces. hands down. 

We ate at a Mexican Food place called The Green Room. Such good Nachos!

The next day, we stopped by the big market that they have there. They had loads of seafood- I was amazed at all the different kinds of fish!

Another stop that we had to make was at the famous Nahnahbah.  Voted in the top 50 best burger places in the world-- You can order a KILO burger and do their eating challenge! We saw some guy attempt it while we were there. It was MASSIVE. and you better believe that I had to talk Ryan out of doing that challenge.... 
 These burgers were pretty amazing though.

Then we rented Kayaks and explored the coastline out to the Ponte de Piadade. It was breathtaking! We would find these random caves and arches that we could kayak to, and we would find hidden, empty beaches there. It was amazing! This was my favorite thing I think from our entire trip to Europe!

This was one of the empty little beaches that we found and hung out at for a while.

The caves were awesome to go inside of!

After we kayaked around, we decided that we wanted more of this amazing place, so we hiked up above it and saw the view of the entire coastline! So rad.
In this picture, the little circle area with the beach is another place that Ryan and I hung out at and were the only ones there! There may or may not have been some skinny dipping going on. 

Isn't this place so beautiful?? I highly recommend Lagos, Portugal!

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