Friday, August 16, 2013

Our trip to Europe - Part 1: Portugal --Lisbon & Sintra

We had been anxiously counting down the days until our trip to Europe! We were so excited, we could hardly wait.
We have been saving our money like crazy to be able to go on this fun trip. 
(and saving money for me is hard)

Our plan was to fly into Lisbon, Portugal then make our way down to southern Spain. Then take a day trip to Morocco, and end our trip in Paris. It took a lot to get ready for this trip, and luckily Ryan is AMAZING at trip planning! Plus, it is a bonus that he has been to Europe before and knows his way around the metro system, etc. plus... he speaks Spanish and a little bit of French, so that was definitely helpful while we were over there!

Ellie was lucky enough to stay with her other dad the whole time we were gone. (almost 2 weeks!) It was so nice not having to worry about her while we were gone, because she loves being with Ben. She kept saying that she was going to live with him. haha
So we said our goodbyes to our little sweetie, and headed to the airport using the FrontRunner. My first experience using it, and it was great!

(me bored at the Amsterdam airport)

After our loooong flights stopping at JFK and Amsterdam, we FINALLY made it to Lisbon, Portugal! Ryan and I had booked a hostel in the heart of the city. We chose the Golden Tram 242 hostel and it was great --with a cheap price tag! Below is the common area. Nice for a hostel, right? We were in a room with like 4 other people and there were bunk beds. It was fun staying in hostels because they are usually young adults who are traveling the same way you are and you can talk to them about good spots that they have been to, etc.

We explored downtown Lisbon for a while- But I loved the older parts of the city with the little street cars/ trolleys everywhere! It totally had a San Francisco feel.

Oooohh Nata.... how I miss and crave you fortnightly!  (name that movie)
These little custard filled pastries with cinnamon and powdered sugar sprinkled on top... we ate like 3 in the 2 days that we were there!

Can never have too much gelato in Europe.

Day 2 in Portugal, we took the train to Sintra- which is closer to the coast. We had heard there was some good rock climbing spots there, so we brought our climbing stuff all the way from home and carried it around Europe with us! (we went climbing again in Spain)
 Sintra was BEAUTIFUL. Such a cute little town with lots of history. There was a castle up on the hill that we rock climbed just beneath, and it overlooked a stunning palace! And we had to hike in the lush forests to get to the climbs. 
Sintra was definitely our one of our favorites of the whole trip.

You can barely see the castle up on that hill

Party in the forest!! Woot woot

I mean... this place! For reals?!

I spy Ry-Guy

I love this picture that Ryan took at the top of the climb.. with the chains and the view that we had from up there. Amazing and such an indescribable feeling! This was the first time that I have actually felt scared on a climb. It was weird, but I think because we were already so high up from the city as it was, and it was a difficult end to the climb. So it was definitely rewarding at the top!

Of course, selfies at the top

Castelo dos Mouros in Sintra, Portugal

Walking the streets of Sintra

A traditonal pastry called a 'Piriquita'.  Sugary goodness.

Finished the day off with Face timing our sweet girl!!

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