Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July Sayings

Better late than never! Here are a few great Ellie quotes from the month of July:

When we were dog sitting a puppy, we took her for a walk. Ellie said as she was walking her, "When I grow up,  I want to be a dog walker! Or a baseball player!"

She calls "snap peas"  "SNAPPYS"

Ellie wanted a popsicle and I told her she couldn't have one before dinner and she started crying and threw herself onto the floor and said, "YOU RUIN MY LIFE!!!"   ...... uh, dramatic much? and where the heck did she learn that?? haha

We were at the park-- "ahh I have been walking for MILES!"

"I love you like a thousand COWS!"

Me:  "Ellie do you know what I love about you?"
Ellie "What?"
Me "I love that you love EVERYONE"
Ellie " Ya but, you wanna know what I love bout you momma?"
Me" what?"
Ellie: "Princesses and unicorns and rice krispy treats!!!"

Trying to get Ellie to wake up:  "Just ooonnneee mmoooorre ssttrrrrreettch"

Ryan and I were driving away and Ellie yelled to us "SAFETY!! BUH BYE!!"

My dad threw a frisbee and Ellie exclaimed, "You're the awesome most grandpa that I ever did saw!!"

My dad picked a sunflower for Ellie and after a couple of minutes, Ellie looked sad and said, "The flower is sad." and I asked Why? and She said "Because she isn't with her family anymore. Grandpa picked her." .... Then after a minute, she was whispering to the flower and all I heard was "The humans got ya."

As I was putting Ellie to bed, she said to me softly, "I just wish I could tell Santa how much I love him."

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  1. These are so great! "The humans got ya."

  2. i wish i could tell santa the same thing!

  3. hahhahaha the sunflower one killed me. she is unreal amounts of cute. :) xx