Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our Fourth of July weekend in Pictures

Despite the crazy rainy weather, we had a great Fourth of July weekend!

It started off with us dog sitting our co-workers dog. We had her for the whole weekend and Ellie was in HEAVEN. She would talk to the dog when she would take her on walks and say things to her like "I go pee and poo poo just like you!" haha Ellie was adorable with her. and in the next picture she was "checking to see if the doggy was healthy" :)

On the morning of the Fourth, we headed up to Salt Lake City to my brother and sister-in-law's house. Every year their old neighborhood puts on this killer party in the park where they serve a big breakfast, then put this giant slip n' slide down this hill, and the SLC firemen come and spray it with their hose! The kids love it! It is fun to have the fire truck and the firemen there.

Here is Ryan with our adorable niece Phoebe who is setting off for the adventures!

Ryan, Me, and Ellie going down the slip n' slide!

Watching my brother and his little girl go down!

Some of the crew

Sittin' with my girl

"gwampa" and Ellie

The things a father does for his daughter.... haha

My new nephew Julian is the most precious little guy!! I can't even handle it!

Later that day, my dad was nice enough to watch Ellie while Ryan & I went climbing up Rock Canyon. It was so hot!!!

me and my little lady bein' silly

Then on Friday night, we watched my nephew Cody over night, and also my niece Phoebe for a couple of hours. With the two extra kiddos, plus the dog, we had our hands full! But it is always such a blast playing with cousins!!

Ryan holding a little Indian pow wow with the kiddos- haha

Cutest Cousins :)

Every Fourth of July, Ryan's neighborhood puts on a big firework party on their street! The weather was terrible, but we still had a blast. Ellie and Cody were too cute for words! 
Doesn't it look like they could be twins?

Sharon, my co-worker/neighbor/friend/cake maker of BEE CAKES, made all the yummy treats and homemade ice cream for the party! She is seriously the best and is always so sweet to Ellie!

This picture was taken about 2.5 minutes before the sugar rush kicked in with these kiddos.....

The next day was spent making Krispy Kreme doughnut runs, and going to the park and chasing those poor ducks all over the place. :) I love this picture of Ellie that my brother took, so I just had to share it.

Then on Sunday, my nephew Mason was blessed.... in a KILT! I am dying!! So so cute. (My family loves their Scottish Pride ;) and check out that 'Duncan' crest pin too!

We finished off our weekend with a bike ride... ahh I just love my family so much! I am one lucky girl

I Hope you all had a fun & safe holiday weekend!
What did you do??

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