Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

Well, Ryan and I survived the Spartan Beast Race.  Apparently we should have trained a little bit more, rather than just watch the movie 300 the night before.  It was seriously SO hard. I know people who ran it last year and they said that this year was a thousand times harder! Probably because we had to run up and down MOUNTAINS. But seriously. 
Other than the running up mountains part, it was actually kind of fun. The obstacles were just hard enough to make it challenging, but not too hard to kill us. Here are some of the obstacles that we had to complete:

-flipping over semi-truck tires
-jumping over fire
-crawling under 100 feet of barbed wire
-there was a big cement block that was hooked to a big chain, that we had to pull up the mountain and back down
-We had to fill up these buckets to the top with gravel and rocks and dirt, and carry them up another mountain and back down
-We had to carry these sand bags over our shoulders up another hill
-scaling a wall with little blocks to hold onto
-sitting down on the ground and pulling a giant semi-truck tire towards us with this huge chain, then carrying the tire back to the start
-sliding down mud hills into a muddy pool of water (this was so refreshing)
-monkey bars
-getting past three huge meat-head guys that are trying to knock you off your feet with big stick things
-climbing up two ropes and ringing a bell at the top
-climbing and jumping over wood walls. (there were so many of these throughout the course)
-we had to put a big rubber band around our ankles and jump/hop through a bazillion tires that were laid out
-army crawling through a shallow river of mud and water
-crawl under fences
-climbing up and down big nets
-Javelin throwing and hitting a target
-and much more......

AND want to know the best part of it all? We had ONE chance to complete each obstacle, and if we failed to complete it, we had to do 30 burpees. If you don't know what burpees are, consider yourself lucky. I ended up not being able to do 3 of the obstacles, (climbing the ropes and javelin) so I had to do 90 burpees. AH! I wanted to die! And on top of all the obstacles and burpees, we were running 13 miles up and down mountains. 

Craziest thing I have ever done! In all my racing experience!

But it was fun... and being the crazy people we are, we will probably end up doing it again next year. maybe. 

We ended up doing pretty well though! We finished in 3 hours and 7 minutes.
I placed 9th out of 161 girls in my age group that I am proud of! And Ryan placed 81st out of 352 guys his age! Not bad, right?? There was a total of 3766 runners, and we came in at 634. 

meet: Team Bitchin'
check out my man's hot cheetah shorts! OW OW! hahah 
he got so many props at the race for those bad boys

post race

wanting to roll over and die.

This my friends, is the face of a Spartan.

After we jumped in the lake and washed ourselves off. We went into a coma and slept for a good chunk of the day. 

Here are some other random pics from the weekend:

we tried out the Blue Pablano taqueria in Provo. Pretty good! I fell in love with their exterior.

Date night with Ryan's parents. We stuffed our faces at Outback, then went and saw World War Z, which was surprisingly good. 

Sunday Fun Day.
This picture melts my heart!

This is Ellie when she put Ryan in "time out" because he was teasing me. hahah

I had a little reunion with my old Sundance Deli crew! Oh how I miss them!

Now to start training for the Bryce Canyon half marathon that we are running in less than 2 weeks... yikes!

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  1. looks like you rocked the spartan! i did the tough mudder in oregon a few weeks ago. love races like that!