Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My New Blog!

How do you like my new blog, people?? 
A new URL.... a new blog name.... there have been some major changes around here! 

The amazing Rylee Blake designed my new blog, and helped me transfer over from my old blog to its new home. She was fabulous to work with!! I highly recommend her for your blog design needs. 
Check out her Blog design page for more details. 

I wanted to clean up my blog and simplify it. I also didn't have a name for my blog all of these years..   I just called it "Ryan + Michelle + Ellie". But it was time that my blog was given a name. My husband & I came up with Copenhaven for a number of reasons. Our last name is Cope, so that explains part of it.. and Haven means "a safe place". I want my blog to be a place that people can visit for fun, and feel safe commenting/stalking/and enjoying this little blog of mine. Our family also loves to travel, so I was drawn to it because it sounds like 'Copenhagen'. 

Please feel free to stay a while and check out my new blog!

Oh, and Please follow the Copenhaven on Blog Lovin'! Unfortunately, all of my Blog Lovin' followers from Ryan + Michelle + Ellie can't transfer over. So if you were following me on my old blog, follow my new blog HERE

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