Tuesday, July 2, 2013

May & June Sayings

Okay.. sob story:  I usually will write down funny things that Ellie says throughout each month and keep them on a little note on my phone, then post them after each month. WELL... after April, it somehow got erased! And of course with my memory, I can't remember any of the funny things that she said. Fast forward to the end of June and I realized that I never posted her quotes from May. I am AWESOME right?? 

So here are some funny Ellie quotes from the past two months: (Ellie is 3 1/2 years old)

She says "Root Beard" for "Root Beer"

I asked Ellie if she had a little accident and she said no. Then when I realized that she did, I said to her "Ellie, I asked if you had a little accident, but you said no." and she said, " I said Yes and I said No. And Yes and No makes sense."

Ellie was eating dinner and said "Look mom!" and pointed to her corn on the cob that was on the ground. I said, "Oh honey, why did you throw that on the floor?" and she said, "I didn't! The Hands did!" as she put her hands in the air.

Ellie asked for something and said please...then said "Momma! I asked nicely! I'm a good girl this week!!"

Whenever she is sick, she always asks for her "mometer" (thermometer)

"Handsitizer" for "Hand sanitizer" 

Ellie whispered in Ryan's ear and said, "Mom is a little bit happy and a little bit crazy"

She dropped my phone accidentally and said, "I didn't drop it! My knees did!"

Ellie: "What is that?" pointing out the car window.
Me: "A bank."
Ellie: "What is it for?"
Me: "It is a place where people keep their money"
Ellie: "Oh, kinda like a giant piggy bank?"
Me: "Yeah, sort of"
Ellie: "Oh, for Chuck E Cheese coins and stuff?"

I asked Ellie what we should make Ryan for Father's Day breakfast and she responded with, "French Toast and bacon and sugar cookies with sprinkles on top and salad because that's healthy, oh and fruit snacks too!"

Ryan: "Ellie, make a wish on that star!"
Ellie: (silence......then) "Ahh my wish didn't come true!"
Ryan: "What did you wish for?"
Ellie: "A house on ice cream!!"

"Can you get me all cozy up??"  (tuck her in bed)

Me: "Ellie, where do eggs come from?"
Ellie: " a MOOSE!"

I took ellie to my office to get a treat, and on the way out the door, she called back to my co-worker Sharon, "Goodbye you little SWEETIE!!!"

We were at a french inspired bakery, and Ellie passed some gas... then said "It was a duck!" Then Ryan said "a french duck!" and Ellie said back, "A french toast duck!"

I like the spicy chips. They make me laugh!

Whenever Ellie is being naughty, Ryan jokes with her and says, "If you don't start being a good girl, we are going to have to cut your rations!"   .. After months of him saying that every-so-often, Ryan said it again one night and Ellie stood up with her hands in her fists, and angrily shouted, "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?!?!?" 
Now since then, she will threaten Ryan by saying, "I am going to cut your RASHES!"    hahahahha

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