Monday, July 8, 2013


Remember this post

Well, we got some pictures back from the race from hell... therefore, evidence of a little taste of what we endured. 12 miles of running, 25 obstacles, and some nice bruises on my legs to take home with me. 

OH and one more thing... Ryan didn't tell me before signing us up for this torture again next year!! WHY oh why?!
(I don't know who would.... but if anyone wants to run it with us next year, email me for a discount.

The look on my face pretty much sums up how fun this race was for me............ hahah

Ryan dominating the finish!  GGGRRRR

oh, you know, just rolling under 100 feet of barbed wire. #theworst


  1. THese photos are awesome!

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  3. get it, gurl!!! i had a cool photo from tough mudder that i was proud of, too!