Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend we went to Lake Powell with Ryan's family! Minus the twins and Ellie... *sniff sniff* (Ellie was actually in Lake Powell the same weekend we were, but she was with her other dad! Ironic :)
but it was fun to have a baby-free weekend for a change... but boy do I miss my little lady now!!

For those of you who haven't experienced Lake Powell before.. it's a MUST. It was beyond beautiful, sunny, warm, and dreamy. Not to mention, there happened to be a full moon while we were down there, and it was breath-taking!

We piled into the Cope's motorhome and drove the 5-6 hours south to the Lake. My mother-in-law snapped this picture of me & Ryan snoozing in the motorhome... so much for reading, eh? ;)

We finally arrived!

Why not strike a pose??! 

 We love our pops!

and this guy......has my heart!
 This picture cracks me up... Ryan, his brother Austin, and their dad tubing, acting pleasant.
 Moments after this was taken, a full-out brawl occurred, trying to pull each other off the tube. 
These Cope boys and their wrestling, I swear!!

I mean.... just look at this place!! Unreal.
 My beautiful Sister-in-law, Bella

We spent a lot of time in this HUUUGGE cave, to get out of the sun and eat our lunches. 
Such a rad spot!

Ry and I snoozin' on the boat

aaannndd the infamous face-off. I crack up every time these two flash this face!!!

 Full Moooon!

My handsome sweetheart and I

I wish I could say this was me.. but it's my hot sister-in-law Brittany, rippin' it up on the wakeboard!!

Ry Guy killin' it

Cliff jumping was the best!

A little moon pinch. and that infamous face again. hahaha

Full moon SMOOCH!

My sistas Bella & Noelle with their mermaid tails! So cute

Okay... my in-laws are just too adorable!   I hope Ry & I are as cool/hot/fun as they are at their age!!

Caught a fish!

I didn't have as good of luck ;)

Last stop of the trip was that cave that we went for shade. 
We hiked up on the inside wall and jumped off of it. So much fun!

Ry-Guy pretty much took the cake with the "graceful jumping" contest. haha Just look at that form!

Such a fun trip! I am so grateful for such amazing in-laws and for all that they do for us, to be able to do fun things like this. 


  1. Lake Powell is my absolute most favorite place on earth. I always tell people I grew up there bc we lived there during the summer. Looks like it was a great trip!

  2. Looks like such a fun trip!!! I love all of your swim suits by the way!!