Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My weekend in Pictures

Before the weekend started, I got my hair done by my babe-of-a-friend, Cambri from High Life salon in downtown Salt Lake City. 
She is SPOT ON every time and I highly recommend her!!!
Check out her hair blog-- Perms Prohibited
This weekend was more laid back than our past weekends have been.. it was actually the first weekend in a long time where we weren't going and going non-stop! 
We lounged around, and played outside a LOT, of course!

My new favorite thing: Trimming my husband's stache- He makes me laugh SO hard!

We were walking to the park, when I heard the familiar sounds of an ice cream truck. I instantly thought of our friends who said that they tell their kids that 'if the ice cream truck is playing music, that means they are out of ice cream.' HA!!!   So I quickly whispered to my husband, "Quick distract Ellie so she doesn't see the ice cream truck!" ....(I am so mean) and Ryan's response was "Are you kidding me!??" as he was sprinting towards it, with a giant smile on his face. These two were SO excited about getting ice cream! 
After getting my own popsicle, I remembered that it truly is magical....expensive, but magical :)

Ellie found some baby animals- and whenever she sees an animal or a newborn baby, she always changes her voice to this high squeeky "oooohhh it's sooo cute!!!!"
Might be my new favorite thing that she does.

Cutest best thief I've ever seen.

The next day we paid a visit to Eggs in the City for breakfast

Then went downtown to the "Temple castle" as Ellie calls it. You know that little model temple in the visitor's center that shows what the inside of the temple looks like? 
She saw it and squealed, "a temple doll house!!!!!!"  haha Girls will be girls!
Learn more about what we believe, HERE

Beautiful Ellie Mae

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Such a fun weekend! And beautiful weather to boot!

  2. this is the cutest!! ellie is so cute! also, eggs in the city is right by my house--they are the best, huh?!