Thursday, June 13, 2013

Date night

Our idea of the perfect date involves good friends, good rock climbing, and good food.
Tuesday night happened to be filled with all of those! 

We went with our rad friends Josh and Nicole and their dog Devo, up to American Fork canyon in Utah. This was my first time climbing in this canyon, and I was amazed at how many spots there were to climb-- the possibilities are endless! 
I already want to go back.... 

Josh, Nicole, Devo

Devo boy





Finished the night off with some warm Pho... I gave it a second chance after a bad first experience, and now I love it :)

Good times!


  1. So fun!! I wish I wasn't afraid of heights or I'd give the ole rock climbing thing a go.

  2. Love AF canyon! We went to that exact route our first time up there too, it's a good one to start on! Looks like a perfect date night :)

  3. I'm so keen to take up rock climbing. You look so fit!

  4. Courtney- we went to Pho Plus noodle house in Orem! Do you have a favorite place to go to??

  5. I'll be in Park City in Sept and we are planning on climbing. Do you have any suggestions of good spots around there?