Monday, June 3, 2013

Bee's 1st Birthday Party!

My Brother Brad & my sister-in-law Gina threw the cutest 1st birthday party for their little girl... 
My niece is named Phoebe, and they call her "Bee", so naturally, they made it a "Bee themed" party! Check out their cute "Hive" blog HERE

Jessie O'neal made these ADORABLE invitations.... 
I just love how simple and perfect they turned out.

The birthday girl herself! With her daddy (my brother)

Gina killed it with these amazing Honeycomb shaped sugar cookies! Could they BEEE any cuter?!?! PUN.

Gina's sister, Brook made this adorable beehive cake! I was obsessed with it!

Beehive shaped water dispenser, of course.

mmm.... nothing beats the Pie Pizza.

Ells Bells :)

Smash Cake time!

Phoebe loved the Olliblocks that we made for her! Tutorial HERE

Happy 1st Birthday to this cute lil lady!! We love you, Phoebe!!

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