Friday, June 28, 2013

What my morning will be like tomorrow...

13 miles of running, along with 20+ obstacles. Can you say... fun?! 

I hope we make it out alive....

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

I am loving the sounds of this 16-year old New Zealand beauty, Lorde

Check out her website to listen to more. What do you guys think of her stuff??

Thanks, Hayley.

Monday, June 24, 2013

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend we went to Lake Powell with Ryan's family! Minus the twins and Ellie... *sniff sniff* (Ellie was actually in Lake Powell the same weekend we were, but she was with her other dad! Ironic :)
but it was fun to have a baby-free weekend for a change... but boy do I miss my little lady now!!

For those of you who haven't experienced Lake Powell before.. it's a MUST. It was beyond beautiful, sunny, warm, and dreamy. Not to mention, there happened to be a full moon while we were down there, and it was breath-taking!

We piled into the Cope's motorhome and drove the 5-6 hours south to the Lake. My mother-in-law snapped this picture of me & Ryan snoozing in the motorhome... so much for reading, eh? ;)

We finally arrived!

Why not strike a pose??! 

 We love our pops!

and this guy......has my heart!
 This picture cracks me up... Ryan, his brother Austin, and their dad tubing, acting pleasant.
 Moments after this was taken, a full-out brawl occurred, trying to pull each other off the tube. 
These Cope boys and their wrestling, I swear!!

I mean.... just look at this place!! Unreal.
 My beautiful Sister-in-law, Bella

We spent a lot of time in this HUUUGGE cave, to get out of the sun and eat our lunches. 
Such a rad spot!

Ry and I snoozin' on the boat

aaannndd the infamous face-off. I crack up every time these two flash this face!!!

 Full Moooon!

My handsome sweetheart and I

I wish I could say this was me.. but it's my hot sister-in-law Brittany, rippin' it up on the wakeboard!!

Ry Guy killin' it

Cliff jumping was the best!

A little moon pinch. and that infamous face again. hahaha

Full moon SMOOCH!

My sistas Bella & Noelle with their mermaid tails! So cute

Okay... my in-laws are just too adorable!   I hope Ry & I are as cool/hot/fun as they are at their age!!

Caught a fish!

I didn't have as good of luck ;)

Last stop of the trip was that cave that we went for shade. 
We hiked up on the inside wall and jumped off of it. So much fun!

Ry-Guy pretty much took the cake with the "graceful jumping" contest. haha Just look at that form!

Such a fun trip! I am so grateful for such amazing in-laws and for all that they do for us, to be able to do fun things like this. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ellie the tooth-brushing Bunny

Her little laugh just makes me so happy!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Walks with Grandpa" book

Last year, my Dad had a dream to write a children's book about him going on walks with his grandchildren around the neighborhood. 
Can you say... sweetest thing in the world!??   My dad is the cutest.

Well, this year for Father's Day, I thought it would be fun to be sneaky and steal his rough drafts that he had written and put away for months, and turn them into an actual book! 
My co-worker/friend/cake maker of BEE CAKES, Annie Pugmire, did all of the ADORABLE illustrations. I just LOVE how the book turned out! I had her try and copy actual pictures that I took of my dad going on walks with Ellie and my nephew Cody. She did such a great job!
This book was a few months in the making, but it was SO worth it. My dad was absolutely shocked when he opened his gift from our family. It was so fun to see his reaction!

Introducing.... "Walks With Grandpa"  Written by: Grandpa Duncan

Cutest thing ever, right?? And just look how happy my dad looks with his book :)

Here he is reading it to Ellie.. 
She LOVES this book! It is fun to see her recognize herself in it.
I have had a few people ask me how they can get themselves a copy of the book, and I think that is the coolest thing! Contact me if you would like to buy a copy of this book, and I would love to order one for you and have it shipped to you! 
Email me at:


Monday, June 17, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures + a campfire recipe

 For Father's Day, all Ryan wanted was a camping trip up in the High Uintas in Utah. So we invited a couple of our friends along for the fun.
Carly, Steve, Me, Ryan, and Race.. ready to go!!

We set up camp by Ruth Lake


Now for the campfire recipe.... It just so happened to be our good friend Steve's birthday the first day that we were there. So before we left, I had planned to make little mini cakes to surprise him!
I had heard about putting muffin mix into hollowed-out oranges, so I decided to try cake mix!

Step 1:  Cut the top of an orange off-- about 1/4 of the orange.
Step 2: Use a knife and hollow-out the insides. Fresh orange juice and orange pieces make for a great snack as you are preparing the orange bowls!

Step 3:  I found this "shake and pour" batter at the grocery store, and decided to use that just for the purpose of it being easy to pack into my backpack. But you could buy a box kind of cake mix too!
So for this "Shake and Pour" mixture, I just needed to add water, and shake it up in that bottle. SO easy for camping.

Step 4: Then I poured the cake batter into the hollowed-out orange bowls, about 3/4 full. 

Step 5: pop on the orange top lid

Step 6: Wrap the orange in tin-foil. I used two layers of it.

My friend Carly was an expert orange wrapper, and made these little handles which made it REALLY nice to use a stick to put through the hole and hold up the orange to put into the fire and take out.

Step 7: Put the oranges into the fire, onto hot coals and cook for about 20-30 minutes. I turned the oranges like 3 times during the 25ish minutes.

The gang waiting to see if these cakes were going to turn out... I was almost positive they wouldn't. haha

But sure enough, they turned out great!! We took the cakes out of the fire, unwrapped them from the foil, spread some frosting on top, and that was it! The cakes were super moist from the orange... and there was the most amazing orange flavor that had absorbed into the cake. It surprised me how good it tasted!

The whole gang belting out "Happy Birthday" to our bestie Steven. Such a fun and easy camping treat! 

Night time was beautiful at the lake...

The next day, we hiked to this AWESOME rock climbing spot. There was snow up there! So it was a little chilly, but the climbing was great so it made it really fun-

 WOWZA!! Isn't Utah unreal??

This was one of my favorite routes!

Until next time!