Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

For Memorial Day weekend, Me Ryan and Ellie plus our two friends Steve and Carly went down to southern Utah! We went camping, hiking, swimming, played around at Goblin Valley, then went to Moab for some rock climbing. It was such a fun weekend... I am missing it already! And it was so much fun having Ellie girl there with us :) 

You guys... if you haven't been to Goblin Valley yet, you have to!
 It felt like we were walking on Mars.... so rad.

goblin hunting ;)

Is this picture not insane?! I can't believe that we live near a place like this!

LOVE this shot of my two-

Then we hiked to Left Hand in Moab, Utah where we went swimming in the river

On Monday we went to Wall Street to do some climbing. There are no words for this place!!!

Steve climbing

Carly climbing

me climbing

Ryan climbing

For some reason, we grew quite the crowd while we were climbing... photographers were taking our pictures- it made us feel like we were actually good at climbing. hahah

And what did Ellie do while we were climbing, you ask? She was such a sweetie! She hung out on my lap while I took some pictures, went looking for lizards, and played games in the car. She was great!

Then we went to a cool bouldering spot... we had a nice set up for Ellie under this ginormous rock. :)

Ellie loved having "tea parties" with the rocks ha -she melts my heart!

We finished out trip off watching the guys be guys with their bikes.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!


  1. your fam is the most adorable thing ever! i want to post your blog button on my blog. will you email it to me purty please?? thanks love! :)


  2. Well! I'm officially homesick for Utah! At least I'll be there in just a few weeks. Great pictures!

  3. You are so classy! I could never look quite as pretty in my "camping/hiking gear" as you do. Seriously beautiful!

  4. Ah! We're dying to get down to Moab but looks like we'll be stopping at Goblin Valley! Cute fam and gorgeous pictures!