Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Olliblocks from Caravan Shoppe

You may have seen these cute Olliblocks floating around Pinterest... 
I saw them and fell in love. 

So I got Ryan & Ellie to help me make some for my niece's 1st birthday present from us! 
 These are sooooo easy to make, thanks to Caravan Shoppe. They have a few different options on their website for Olliblocks.. so once you choose the ones you like, you purchase them and they instantly send you a link to your email to download the template! From there, just cut out the squares, and Mod Podge the squares onto some blocks and that's it! Super cute for a gift or to make on a night where you are feeling crafty. The good thing is that once you have purchased the template, you have it for life! So you can make as many Olliblocks as you want :)

Ellie LOVED them... looks like we are going to have to make her some too!

Our niece Phoebe loved them too! aaannnnddd of course they go straight to the mouth. Where else? ;)

Happy Crafting!


  1. These are adorable!!! Definitely tucking this idea away for the future!

  2. Cool, very creative, my little lad will love these (when he is a bit older).