Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cabo, Mexico 2013

We had a blast in Cabo the last couple of weeks! I haven't had time to put together a video like I normally do, so here is a photo dump for your viewing pleasure :)

Bella & Noelle  (Ryan's sisters)

Laying out all day, every day...ahhhh...

The beautiful Villa

Twins James & Thea loved the water!

Asi & Asado  Tacos--  YUM!

Indian feather girl

Can you believe they are GRANDPARENTS?? of THREE?? hot dang.

Oh, Mama's.... I can't get enough of you and your amazing breakfast  (their sign doesn't lie)

Ryan found a friend

MerMAN!!!  hahaha Ryan put on his little sister's mermaid tail as a joke. 
I have never laughed so hard......


Love that lil' beach bum!

Mi Familia

Going to the beach every night to watch the sunset is always a highlight

Love this picture of Ells Bells

Ellie fell in love with the twins on this trip...
she was always wanting to help feed them and play with them. so cute

She fought just about every nap on this trip, resulting in falling asleep random places at random times haha


a couple of the nights we decided to bring the mattress outside and sleep under the stars.... we slept like kings! This is a picture of the sunrise.... doesn't get much better than this!

Diaper-changing pit stops... How many people does it take to change a diaper? hahaha I love this shot.

We took a day trip to a different beach near Todos Santos to go surfing!

Ry & Ellie doing the "surf stance"

We went crab hunting... using a chicken nugget wrapped in bacon-soaked paper... tied to a string. hahah we got one little baby crab and that was it. It sure was an adventure though ;)

Mimi & Ells watching the snails turn themselves over


Ry & Thea at dinner at La Hacienda

This place was awesome! SUCH good food...and the place was beautiful.

Stone Bowl

Ellie decided to put her feet in the pool near the restaurant at the resort, annd she slipped and fell in and got drenched! She loved it though, as you can tell by the next couple of pics 

This place was unreal... there were these pretty lanterns hung everywhere, and I fell in love!

Even their bathroom was gorgeous! ........I am a weirdo for thinking a bathroom is beautiful, I know ;)

Family picture day happened to be the windiest day EVER! 
But it was still fun, and we got some good ones 

Ellie & Papa hangin out

Mama's round TWO!

sigh..... Take me back

We built a sand castle. . And by "we" I mean Ryan and a little help from Papa. Ryan gets in these modes where he can't not finish a sand castle after Ellie gets bored and leaves, and he has to make it this amazing masterpiece. hahah That's why I love him!


The twins turned ONE while we were in Mexico! They are so darn cute, I could squeeze them. For their birthday, their cute momma dressed them up and had a little beach photo shoot.

This is the best shot.... all of us looking like complete idiots, trying to make Thea smile. Oh the things we do to get our kids to take pictures! haha I love it.

My beach lover

we are weird.

but oh so in love

This is how we felt about coming home......

until next year!

P.S. I have had a few people ask me if the Villa in Cabo can be rented out for a vacation and yes it can be! Check out this website for more info.


  1. too many pretty people in one place! and ellie's cutie baby bum. love it

  2. Aren't little kid bums just the best! I love them.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I love the windy one of you and Ellie, stunning!

  4. Michelle! I love all of these pictures. Ellie's cute bum! Ryan's awesome mustache [and obviously his merman tail]! You're so beautiful and your family is too. Love this post so much!

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love that you put your daughter in one piece bathing suits or let her go naked. Bikinis on little girls are just weird. We are going into winter here in Australia. I love winter, but these photos are making me doubt that now!

  6. Fun! This is adorable... next time, I'm packing myself in your suitcase! Glad you had a wonderful time.

  7. I loved going through all your pictures! It looks like you guys had such a great time.


  8. These pictures are awesome! What a wonderful place to vacation. You all look so happy. I LOVE the family pictures, especially the wind-blown look. Perfect for a beach setting.
    Happy you are home safe!

  9. oh my gosh these pictures are the best. I love your family. So so beautiful and happy. So glad you guys had a wonderful time!

  10. This is so freaking cute. Hahaha.

  11. looks so much fun! Isla has some of the same suits as miss ellie. Their mom's must have good taste :) love your cute blog girl!

  12. You guys are so cute! I want to find a love like yours!

  13. Enjoyed your vacation picutres very much, thank you for sharing! Where did you find this beautiful spot and the lovely villa?