Sunday, April 7, 2013

My family's many talents... shown in videos

Ellie can now boulder all by herself! She is getting to be quite the rock climber ;) - at 3 years old!


My sexy hubby had to do a marketing campaign project for the company BlenderBottle for school a few weeks ago. He and his group came up with the idea to have people send in their own homemade videos of how they use their sports mixer BlenderBottles in their daily life, whether it's while doing a sport, traveling, etc. ---The "How I mix" campaign. Good idea, right??  Well, Ryan decided to make his own video as an example, and so when he presented the project, he showed the judges this 30 second treat. BAHAHAH .....AND this is why I love my husband :)

Their group ended up barely missing 1st place by 2/10th of a point... (lame?!) but Ryan got quite the recognition for this video of his! One of the owners of BlenderBottle came up to him after and said that they might contact him to use this video that he made... Funniest thing I have ever heard! My hubby is goin' viral, folks.

Honey, don't kill me for showing this to the public.


  1. SO freaking awesome BlenderBottle commercial! Michelle you must have been dieing laughing.

  2. I still can't get over Ryan's video. So funny. Cody LOVES it. He watched it like ten times in a row.

  3. DYING!! I love this. And, how cute is Ellie?!