Monday, April 1, 2013

My Easter weekend in Pictures

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

 This first part is a recap of two weekend-ago...and I have to brag about my hubby for a minute-- because Ryan had the amazing opportunity to represent Utah Valley University in the AMA International Marketing competition in New Orleans! He was among a handful of students chosen to go... and took part in two different competitions. He placed FIRST in the marketing strategy competition! WOOT! and a girl from UVU placed first in the Sales competition. GO UVU!

 Ryan brought back a cute mask for Ellie.. She loved it!
On Friday, we planted some flowers for the first time. Ellie loved planting the seeds and watering them. She is a little impatient and thought the flower should have been full bloom in a matter of 2 minutes... but she is becoming more patient :)

Friday night, we went camping with some friends! It was really fun. We woke up to it being REALLY windy though..  so we got the heck outta there early in the morning.
 Isn't Utah beautiful?!

crazy mountain man!

Saturday, we went to the indoor pool! It takes Ellie forever to get used to the water and realize that swimming is actually a fun thing, and not a life-threatening activity ;)

We found a little friend at our neighbor's house.... Ryan just about died holding this baby duck.
So cute!
Easter was fun this year-- Ellie kept saying that the Easter Bunny & Jesus are her best friends ;)
Just look at this excitement when she woke up to hidden eggs all over the house!

Ellie actually let me do her hair for once! Doesn't she look like such a cutie in her Easter getup?!? She is growing too fast....

Ellie & I went on a walk and spotted a real nest in a tree! She wanted to put her eggs in it.. I love how this picture turned out-
I put together a little Easter egg hunt at my dad's house for Ellie, my nephew, and my niece.
Here is the loot!
and the hunt begins!

Handsome Cody
My niece is the cutest

My brother & Sister-in-law put on this great passover program/dinner....complete with Lamb, mint jelly, pita bread, deviled eggs, and mashed potatoes. YUM!

Cutie pie

Grandpa loves

After about 5 attempts and 3 candy bribes, we got ourselves a family pic! Hallelujiah!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. your easter baskets are so cute! love it all!

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  3. I absolutely respect and adore you, Michelle. What a fun time in life and such a cute family!! I kid you not, one day when I have little Haylie's, I am going to call you up and get all your tips and tricks. Looks like you're doing great!

  4. Loving your blog! Can I ask where you get your gingham button ups? I saw in one photo you had a gray one and in the other you had a turquoise one. Adorable!

  5. Thanks for the compliments Jessie ! I am actually really lucky... My amazingly stylish and sweet mother-in-law had a big black bag of clothes that she disnt want anymore, and she said that me and my sister-in-law could pick out anything we wanted! Naturally, I chose both gingham shirts... Obsessed! But the grey one is soo cute on. It's Jcrew. And the green one is Free People! Xo