Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wedding video

For our anniversary, I decided to make my own "wedding video" since Ryan & I didn't have a videographer for our wedding. 
(sort of wishing a little bit that we did) 

It is common for couples to watch their wedding video on their 1st anniversary- so I surprised him with this video that I made, and we watched in on our first anniversary :)

 The coolest part is... that I originally just made the video with our pictures from Alixann Loosle, and put it to music. But then one day I was printing something out on my in-law's computer, and found a folder saying "Ryan & Michelle's wedding videos" I clicked on it to find a bunch of little clips from our wedding that my awesome Brother-in-law Conner took! I had no idea that he even took videos at our wedding!!! SO I added some of those video clips in the video as well.
It is so fun to have those videos of our wedding, thanks to Conner!

 Hope you Enjoy-- (most of the songs on this video were on our "Love Songs" c.d.s that we gave out to guests at our wedding)

Ryan + Michelle 3.8.12 from Michelle Cope on Vimeo.

I am so grateful to be married to this wonderful man!


  1. How wonderful is that video?! I love this! Good work. And I love that Carla Bruni song.

  2. such a cute video Michelle! gorgeous wedding and all :)

  3. The most perfect looking wedding ever. Seriously!!

  4. Beautiful wedding! Everything was perfect. I wish you and Ryan and Ellie a beautiful happy life filled with EVERY happiness!

  5. your pictures are beautiful! you two are so cute!

  6. Love it! ...and the three of you too

  7. Well done Michelle, I think you recorded it as good as could have ever been done!

  8. What a cute idea!
    My husband and I didn't have a videographer either (major sad face), so this would be so fun to make.