Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our sunny weekend in pictures

 Our newly married friends Kelsea & Dane invited us to go to St. George this last weekend to go climbing! Our friend Steve came along as well.  We usually wait to take our trips on the weekend that Ben has Ellie, but it was our weekend to have her, so we decided to take her-- It was so much fun having her there with us, and she loved playing in the sand, going exploring, having "tea parties" in the caves, and camping. She did so good while we were climbing too! Just sat there and colored, then went  on to her next project or exploration. She is such a cutie pie.

The weather was sooooo perfect! I am getting anxious for summer to hit Utah county ;)

Kelsea + Dane.... aren't they the cutest?!

Three thumbs up for hiking!

Tea party in the cave

 Dane bouldering in Moe's Canyon


The whole gang

our little explorer :)

"I am just going to dream about the rocks for a little bit, momma"

Kelsea workin' it


 Utah is amazing!!

camp site

Ells Bells

The next day, we wanted to do some lead climbing to switch things up a bit. We found this perfect spot to climb..and it happened to have the perfect little nest for Ellie to hang out in, to keep out of the hot sun! Can you even spot her under there?! ha

Dane leading

Ellie kept wanting me to draw pictures of her rock climbing, it was so cute-

Steve leading

That's me up there... yes, I am still climbing after my near death experience. :)



shady spot. Isn't Utah stunning?!

Ellie wanted to rock climb!

and of course, swinging is just wwwaayyy more fun then trying to climb those rocks. ;)

 more explorin'


We had such a blast! Climbing outside versus in a gym is a TOTALLY different experience. 
We can't wait to do some more climbing trips this summer!


  1. That looks like such a great trip! :) I have tried bouldering before and just think my arms are so pathetic haha, I tire out so easily!! Loving your blog, happy I found it!!